Black Magic

Rhett Lincoln thought that he was your everyday loser. All of that changes when he finds out that he is part of an ancient group of magicians called the Monsilio. Among that, he learns that his father is one of the most powerful individuals in the world, but for all the wrong reasons. To make things worse, Rhett is just as powerful, if not more, and he must make decisions fast to save himself and the ones he loves.


1. Prologue

       “You drive a hard bargain, Damien. I suppose it's in your nature. Although this is uncharacteristic of your kind. Doing something for the greater good?”

       Damien looked down at the child in his arms. The thing blinked at him with it's big, dark eyes as it wrapped its fingers around his tie. He scoffed. “I'd hardly say it's for the greater good. Maybe my good. I can't possibly be expected to have the responsibility of caring for a child in this time of dire crisis.”

       Garthin shrugged. “Maybe so, but either way that is one more Sae in the world.”

       “What class will he be in?”

       “He will be taken to the Monsilio.”

       “Monsilio,” Damien spat, “the very worst of the lot.”

       “I suppose you mean the most powerful.”

       Damien smirked, starting to hand the child to Garthin. The baby gave him one last glance, and he averted his eyes, shoving the wad of blankets into the other man's arms. “Just remember that he has my blood in him. He will never be pure.”

       Garthin squinted his eyes, dropping various coins into Damien's hand. “He is but a child. He may be shaped.”

       Damien looked down, letting out a low chuckle. “Not all clay is so easily manipulated,” he said before fading into the darkness.

       Garthin cradled the baby, placing the tip of his thumb on it's shoulder. A gentle heat flared at the tip of his finger. After a few moments he pulled away, studying his handiwork. A small, tattoo-like mark was left behind. Round shaped, with sharp lines and angles etching through, it was the mark of the Monsilio; of a new beginning.

       “Do not fear, child. You will be more powerful than all classes combined. You will rule the world.” Then he, too, vanished into the night.

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