Little Sweet Things

This isn't really a real story but a bunch of small scenes I made up and fantasize with. They aren't really sexual or anything, just romantic and sweet.


1. Rainy Day Rainbows

I sat down on the cold bench thinking I should have brought an umbrella. My short blond hair was drenched just like my clothes and my brand new jacket. Where is he??? I thought silently, checking my watch. He should be here by now. 1 minute, 5, 10 minutes passed yet still no sign of him. I take in my surroundings; ever green grass, tall pine trees, and 2 other small benches on either side of me. As I was taking in a deep breath of fresh air I notice the figure of a man sitting on one of the benches beside me. He's hunched over and keeps looking at his watch. He must be waiting for someone too I thought. I took in another deep breath and try to convince myself he's just running late for some good reason, but I know that he probably isn't. 30 minutes pass, I decide he isn't coming. I've been stood up. I glance around to see if he's just around the corner and notice the man still sitting there. Alone. Standing up I walk towards him, the wind and rain making my vision blurry. I take a seat silently, intently, waiting for something, anything to end the silence. He turns towards me wit a meaningful look saying "I thought you weren't going to come." I realize the person I was waiting for was right beside me the whole time.

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