I need you(5sos love story)


1. I need u

Okay so I was walking when I bumped into Calum he's a friend if likes and mine but for some reason Luke's mad at me Calum's the only one in the group who's not mad at me "hey Calum" I said waving "oh hey Maddy " he said walking over to me "I have a question" I said chocking in my next words "ya what's us it?" He asked "do you know why all of a sudden the guys were mad at me and still are?" I asked trying not to cry "do you really wanna know Madaline" Calum said I nodded he motioned for me to sit on the bench we were currently standing in forint of he took a deep breath "okay we'll I think there mad at you because that one time we were having that party at michealsw Amanda though it would be a good idea if you

And like and the other guys of course didn't see you because she was jealous. Of Luke spending so much time with and forgetting about her so she told Luke that you were the one stealing stuff from him and her and the phone who's been swearing at him so he'd leave Amanda alone all the other guys beloved it but me because I was the one who overheard Amanda talking I tried telling this to the guys but they won't listen if I just say your name" I was about to cry but instead I shook it off yes I know Calum is one of my nested friends but I wasn't about to cry in forint of him " thanks door telling me cal I thought they just hated me for no reason I said but my voice cracked "we'll I have to go meet up with boys but it was nice talking to you again" we both stood up thanks again Calum I said walking to my house on the way there I kept thinking on what I should do I mean the only people I love and deeply care about hate me for something I didn't even do and it hurts that they think I would actually do something like that I mean yes I have feelings for Luke but I would do something to make him hate me in the end I had to talk with him and I will tommorow since it the last day of school and it's the last day I'll probably ever get the chance since he's never around my part of the neighbour hood

Once I reached my house I took a deep breath walked in and greeted my mum with a hello when she stoped me from going upstairs "sweetie we need to talk " I nodded and took a seat at the table "I'm buying a house up in californa and were going there for the summer now it's up to you if you want to come with me and your dad I mean I'm willing to have some stop in and watch on the house while your hear by yourself" my mother said " I'll stay here was all I said with that I went back up into my room feeling empty inside but also hurt that Luke would belive her before confronting me first I soon fell asleep my head couldn't take theses hurtful thoughts

The next

I woken up to the sound of my alram I got out of bed through on some skinnys and a bikes hoddie with a blue tank underneath I clipped my hair to the side grabbed my bag and phone grabbed a gronal bar and headed to school

Once I arrived at school and entered the building I found myself being surrounded my the cheerleaders and Luke cal mikey ashy

"Uh hey guys" I said a little confused "cut to the cash Maddy you got poor Calum belives you didn't steal from me and Luke and take my phone and send him swearing messages" Amanda said "I didn't so that anything you just said" I said shocked that no one stood up for me "oh really" Luke said "Luke why would I do something like that to you when your the only one that made me like something?" I asked but it wasn't really a qestioned "because you were jealous" Michael added in "jealous of what" I asked him "jealous of of Amanda what is or was she jealous of" Michael said "uh I don't know" Amanda stuttered "ha Excatly I didn't do anything" I said "you have no proof Amanda's friend said "actually yes I do because the day that you started hating me I was in californa not Sydney and all the times before that I was always with cal ash Luke or Michael so there's no way I could stole anything from them if one if them was gone I was with the rest and Amanda you always have your phone on you so how would I take it when you has it in your bra" I said getting annoyed at this point I turned to see like in deep thought when Ashton finally spoke up "Maddy's. Right guys" he said which made me smile a bit at one person not hating me "told you guys Calum added in "yea so what do u have to say Amanda?" Micheal said "I'm uh sorry" she said walking away leaving it only me cal ashy mikey and Luke who was still in deep though "Luke are you okay Calum ask the tall blond Luke shook his head "huh ya I'm fine" the bell rang for class everyone left there own ways but me and Luke. He walked towards me "Maddy look I'm sorry you don't know how much it hurt me to hate you I didn't want to belive she just mad it seem so real and I just didn't know what to belive at the time I hope you can forgive me" he said I think I thought this allowed because it slipped out "Luke come on it's pretty hard to hate the pedisn you love" I said blushing after I replized what I had said Luke started to blush "y you love me?" Luke asked "ya ya I have for a while now that's why I hated you not knowing why you hated me I said shrugging in my shoulders when the second bell rang I walked away heading towards my class when I actsdently touches Luke which sent shivers all through my body which kinda showed because I herd Luke giggle "it's good to have my best friend back he said before disappearing in the distance

Calum's POV

I'm so glad everything's okay between us all and Maddy no more tenseon and now we can all hang out and be the same old best friends but maybe even closer this time

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