Personal Assistant

Kayla Williams is a regular 20 year old girl, but when she finds a job as One Direction's personal assistant, do things get crazy? The boys cant stop trying to get close to her, in her heart. Will Kayla fall in love with one of the five guys? Will she still be 1D's assistant?! FIND OUT BY READING!
~Love the Author, Mia A.J.


12. Together Again

I walked out of the airport with the 5 idiots that I love. Me and Harry are together again, he is my #1 idiot and he will be....always. We went to go get something to eat and we all had a good time.

Me and Niall forgave each other and we ate a lot. Louis told his jokes at the table and we all laughed. Liam wants everything to be normal. Zayn laughed at smiled and some girls giggled. Me and Harry.....were all good. I looked out the window and the sun was shinning in the sunset.


We got a phone call from Simon. "Hello everyone. Selena, I need you to come back to the UK, we need to talk about some stuff." He said as we had the phone on speaker mode, so the whole table could hear. I looked up at the boys and I was scared. "What do you need me to come back for?" I asked quietly. "Well, I have read the magazines and articles. Would you like to explain?" Simon's voice didnt sound very happy.


"Let me explain all of this-" I started but Harry budged in. "Selena has been going through some difficulties lately between her friend back home. Some things in her private life." Harry said and I looked at him like he was crazy. "Before her face hit the headlines, she had a private life." Simon said. "No, its my fault. I was the one that night that got her to come on stage and introduce herself." Louis said.


"Selena..." Simon said and I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut. "I am going to have to fire you from being One Direction's personal assistant. I have no choice." He said and tears began to fill my eyes. "We're together." Harry said and I looked at him and smiled. "You're what?" Simon asked. "Together." He said again. ...........



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