Personal Assistant

Kayla Williams is a regular 20 year old girl, but when she finds a job as One Direction's personal assistant, do things get crazy? The boys cant stop trying to get close to her, in her heart. Will Kayla fall in love with one of the five guys? Will she still be 1D's assistant?! FIND OUT BY READING!
~Love the Author, Mia A.J.


4. Secret Admirers

(Harry's POV)

I woke up and it was 7:30am. "Wake up, Harry. Its time to grab the rest of our stuff, eat breakfast and get going down the road!" Liam said. "I'm getting up." I said and I growled a little. I got dressed and went down the bus stairs. Our suitcases were already sitting there and there were notes on them. "What the...what are these?" I asked as I picked up my note. "We have secret admirers, and they are on tour with us!" Louis exclaimed. I opened my note card and started to read it.


Dear Harry,

      I haven't gotten to know you that well. Last night, us girls started to get ideas, we got your bags and left secret admirer notes. The things I like about you most is, your funny, sweet, cool, and attractive to me. Keep doing your thing, because your good at it. Singing in a band or not, I still will have a crush on you. From the girl who thinks a lot about you.

                        Love, your secret admirer


(Niall's POV)

What the...who sent me a card? I cant figure out who she is. Its driving me crazy, I read the note again. I looked at the girls who came down the other bus's stairs and none of them looked like they would have a crush on me. Gah, it drives me crazy. She must be quiet, those girls sort of flirt with me, but not all the time....not enough to have a crush on me.


(Liam's POV)

Who would like me? I am like the daddy of One Direction.....girls like that? Hmm, never would have suspected that one. I looked around from my card to the girls near me. Still not getting the picture here. WHO IS IT!?!!?!?!

(Zayn's POV)

Sweet dude. I am awesome, attractive and a talented singer. I would love this girl more if she would just tell me who she is.

(Louis's POV) Omf CARROTS! This girl thinks I am lol hilarious and she said I am just like her. Jenny? Bailey? Carly? This is going to take a while.

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