Personal Assistant

Kayla Williams is a regular 20 year old girl, but when she finds a job as One Direction's personal assistant, do things get crazy? The boys cant stop trying to get close to her, in her heart. Will Kayla fall in love with one of the five guys? Will she still be 1D's assistant?! FIND OUT BY READING!
~Love the Author, Mia A.J.


7. I Think-

I woke up from my nap on the couch and I realized that I was still in the boy's bus. "Hello Kayla, did you have a lovely nap?" Zayn asked me as he looked up from his phone. "I did and thanks for asking, Zayn. Where is everyone else?" I asked him. "There getting ready to eat dinner, they are getting dressed in the back." Zayn said to me. "Ah, look who woke up in time for food stop." Said Niall and he helped me up off the couch. Then he started to dance with me. "Niall!" I yelled and we laughed. "Your a good dancer, Kayla!" He said.


"Thank you, I had a different life before I met you guys." I said and he twirled me. Liam, Louis, and Harry were watching me with Niall. "Take a picture or a video, it will last longer." I said laughing. The others were laughing but Harry smiled and gave me a sweet stare. We grabbed some food and got back on the bus after we ate. We decided that I would stay on their bus now. I moved all of my stuff to my place.


We played around for a bit and had some fun. I took pics of Harry with the bunks as he acted stupid and silly.

We all died laughing at his hilarious moments. I told the boys to get in their bunks and peak their heads out, and they did that....FOR REAL! The boys got in their bunks and peaked their heads out. "Say meatballs!" I said. "Meatballs!" Everyone said but Louis was totally off chorus. " bad." Lou said. "Thanks for the image, dude." Liam said.


I love these guys because they got so much of a guy that I really want most. They know how to make a girl feel special, I am one of those girls. Wait.......omg.....I think I am in love with One Direction for sure....and I know which boy.

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