Personal Assistant

Kayla Williams is a regular 20 year old girl, but when she finds a job as One Direction's personal assistant, do things get crazy? The boys cant stop trying to get close to her, in her heart. Will Kayla fall in love with one of the five guys? Will she still be 1D's assistant?! FIND OUT BY READING!
~Love the Author, Mia A.J.


9. Fighting Over A Girl (Rated R starts to come into the story now)!

( Kayla's POV)

        "Harry, when are we going to go on our first date?" I asked him as I lay my head on his chest. "Soon babe." He said and we started kissing, synching our lips began. "What the hell?" Said Niall. We broke apart from our kiss. "Niall, what the hell are you doing here?" Harry asked. "Why are you trying to have sex with Kayla?" Niall asked him back. "Shut up, both of you." I said. "Kayla, let me handle this please." Harry said. "No Harry. If this going to happen, I am not screwing up my career because you both are fighting and then the press will blame me for starting the fight.


        "Kayla, that so does not happen." Niall said to me rolling his eyes. "Do you ever read the fucking magazines, Niall? Do you Harry?" I said and my eyes filled with tears. "To answer Niall's question, no we weren't going to have sex. Your jealous because I am dating Harry. I hate guys who get jealous, and I especially hate it when my 2 favorite guys fight over me." I said and they were both quiet and looking at the floor.


(Harry's POV)

          I don't want my princess to get hurt or upset. "I am sorry, Kayla." I said. "Just because your the Harry Styles from One Direction, doesn't mean that sorry will fix everything in my life. Same for the rest of you four boys." She said and she left the bus. "We really screwed this up didn't we?" Niall asked me. "I think so. And I think she just dumped me." I said. Not my best day with a girl.


          "I'm sorry, Harry. I do get jealous a lot because every girl that I get, I feel like you pull her away from me." Niall said and he walked off the bus too. I got on my twitter account and made a new tweet. 'Sometimes you screw up things, but just because I am Harry Styles from One Direction, doesn't mean I fix up every one's life.'


(Niall's POV)

            "I rather be a boy and play with paper airplanes than be a man and play with a women's heart." I said to myself as I took a little walk for fresh air. I feel bad for that fight and how I hurt Kayla and broke her away from Harry.  I never have wanted to hurt somebody. Now I don't even think I can forgive myself.

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