It all started in a little shop in Paris. It started when I first saw them.
What will happen? Will they fall in love with her ? Who will she pick, Luke or Louis ?


2. Text Me

I Got up rubbing my head. "Oh by the way, I'm Lou And This Is Luke" Lou said introducing himself and Luke. "I'm.... Uh.. S.." I got so nervous I couldn't talk! Gaby rushed over seeing me struggling. "That's Skylar. She's a huge fan of both of you guys" Gaby said saving me. "Why is She so nervous?" Lou asked. "She has severe Anxiety" Gaby said. "Guys, food here's, come eat!" Liam said from the table. "Here's my number, text me okay?" Lou said handing me a piece of paper with a phone number. Luke also handed me one. "Girl! You got their numbers!!!!" Gaby yelled gaining attention of a few.

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