It all started in a little shop in Paris. It started when I first saw them.
What will happen? Will they fall in love with her ? Who will she pick, Luke or Louis ?


1. Paris

"Gaby, which purse is cuter ?" I asked holding up two purses. "The right one!" She responded so happy. We've been in Paris for about 3 days. We're staying for about another month. We are having so much fun. "Do you like this outfit?" Gaby asked styling an outfit. "Ya" I responded. Me and Gaby have been best friends since we were about 5. She's like my sister. She actually goes by my last name, because of some family drama. But, that's another story!

~~ Later that day~~

"Skye.." Gaby said snapping me out of my thoughts. "What?" "I'm hungry!" She said in a dramatic voice. "Okay, let's go!" I yelled running of the room and getting strange looks from other people. She laughed and we walked off. When we got in the streets, there was screaming & lots of it. I saw 2 back cars. I looked inside and stopped in my tracks. It was One Direction & 5SOS. I started screaming. "Skylar. There pointing and say something about you." She pointed to the black cars. It was Louis. And Luke. "There probably making fun of my ugliness!" I replied. She punched my arm. "Ow!" I yelled. "You're Beautiful, so stop it!"

~~Louis' POV~~

I looked out the window and saw the most beautiful girl. "Guys look how beautiful she is!" I said pointing at the girl. "Wow she is beautiful" they all responded. "I call dibs!" Luke yelled. "Stop! Her friend is pointing at us!" We all started laughing loudly. I looked back & the girl look sad as if we laughed at her or something.

~~Skylar's POV~~

"Wow, he was super hot!" I said. Gaby laughed at me. Some girl was walking by and accidentally fell. "Oh my gosh! Are you okay?!" I asked helping her up. "Ya, I'm fine. Just got a little cares away trying to follow Them." She replied. "Aren't we all?" I said we all laughed. "What's your name ?" I asked. "Aaliyah, what's yours?" She asked. "I'm Skylar, and that's Gaby. My best friend." She nodded. "Well, we were just headed out for lunch.. Wanna Come ?" "Sure!" When we got there we were waiting for our food. "Oh My gosh!!!!!" She whisper-yelled. "What?! Is something wrong?" I asked. She pointed over at the booth in the corner. It was dark & hard to see. But, I realized who it was. "OMG!! It's One Direction & 5SOS!!" I whisper-yelled back. "Yes!!" Our food came. "Skylar.. They are staring at you." Gaby pointed at Them. I turned around and sure enough, they were staring. The bathroom was near the booth in the corner. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I said standing up. "Well, I'll go. Just cause I want to see them!!" Aaliyah said standing up. Out of nowhere. Aaliyah pushed me and I fell! "Ow!" I let out a scream of pain as I hit my head. "Are you okay ?" Louis & Luke both ran up to me. "Ow! I hit my head really hard, but I think I'm Okay." I replied. They both helped me up. "Thanks." I replied.

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