El Monstrou Horrible (7+)

Jesse is an ordinary preteen who longs for a life of adventure, but he fears such dreams only come true in action movies. Thus he grabs the chance to go with his friend Claire to save the world--the adventure of a lifetime! But it is more perilous than he had ever imagined.


5. The Battle Begins

They looked around.

Finally, a solution came to Claire's head. She took out a pair of electrobinoculars and near instantly spotted the trash can base.

"If my instincts are correct, we're getting closer!" said Jesse.

"Bats!"  shouted Claire.

A swarm of bats had shot out of a tree.

A blood curdling cry was heard!

Amid the sounds, five ghosts appeared! Jesse held Claire as he used his feet to pedal on his skateboard and speed away. But the ghosts were closing in.

Clinging to Claire as tight as he could, he gave a huge thrust with his skateboard. They fell through the screen door and Claire picked the lock with a slim stone. They had made it inside!

"Jesse, El Monstrou Horrible could be anywhere," said Claire.

"I agree," said Jesse. "Look, a shield! Darn, there's only one!"

"Take it," said Claire immediately.

Then they noticed a lair. Suddenly, Jesse heard wings flapping--loud ones. "Claire--look behind you! Is that--El Monstrou Horrible?"

"Yesss..." the creature behind them hissed. The unicorn was right: It was a mere dragon. "Those who trespass in my home will pay the price!"

"I don't think so!" said Jesse, holding up his shield in front of him to block. El Monstrou Horrible breathed a stream of fire, which the shield blocked!

Claire slipped away to find the princess while she had the chance.

The battle had begun.

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