El Monstrou Horrible (7+)

Jesse is an ordinary preteen who longs for a life of adventure, but he fears such dreams only come true in action movies. Thus he grabs the chance to go with his friend Claire to save the world--the adventure of a lifetime! But it is more perilous than he had ever imagined.


1. Jesse

If there was one thing Jesse wanted more than anything else, it was to be a knight.

He longed to slay fire-breathing dragons for the favor of a captive princess.

He wrote stories all about them. Epic battles, royal courts, perilous quests...it was all in his head and in his dreams, much to his dismay. He kept watching movies and reading books about them, as if it would somehow make him feel like a knight. Yes, he knew it to be true. He had known his whole life. Maybe besides when he was four and thought he had seen a dragon at an amusement park and embarrassed himself. His dream was a total fantasy.

Reality was blunt and ordinary. He was an ordinary ten-year-old in an ordinary town. He had an ordinary home, an ordinary family, an ordinary school.

His home was the bottom floor of a condominium. He was familiar with every detail of his life--his chores, his toys, his books, his TV privileges. All of it was getting old. Here he was, a ten-year-old in the same old place.

Not to mention his school wasn't any better. He'd always wanted to make history, not read it.

Just as he thought nothing world, something finally caught his attention. It was a news flash! It said:


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