El Monstrou Horrible (7+)

Jesse is an ordinary preteen who longs for a life of adventure, but he fears such dreams only come true in action movies. Thus he grabs the chance to go with his friend Claire to save the world--the adventure of a lifetime! But it is more perilous than he had ever imagined.


8. Jesse Fights Claire

The wolf cornered the mummy. He nearly slammed his furry fist into the mummy, but the mummy unwrapped into a mass of toilet paper. Before the wolf knew it, it rebuilt and rushed for the dungeons. "Come back and FIGHT! You..." The wolf chased the mummy.

Meanwhile, the group of pumpkins chased the princess into the pantry, cornering her. "Hurry, most wimpy lady," the pumpkins taunted. "Aren't you going to fight back?"

"I don't believe in hurting people," said the princess. "Even you."

"And we don't believe you can!" The chase was on.


Jesse got up and faced Claire. They had landed in the living room.

Claire huffed in anger. "You turned my princess buddy...against me."

"You have brought that on yourself," Jesse answered. "You and your thirst for power, for blood."

"Don't lecture me, Jesse," Claire said angrily. Apparently, she had stopped huffing. "I see I have a new set of stuffing to knock out." She drew her blaster pistol. Jesse did not want to fight his former best friend, but it appeared he had no choice but to destroy her.


The wolf searched the dungeons for the mummy. "You can't hide forever, you lump of toilet paper!"

Suddenly, he noticed a glimpse of toilet paper in one of the dungeon pits. "No way..."

Suddenly he was knocked in the pit--imprisoned forever. He found that the glimpse of toilet paper was a mere shedding! He had been tricked--and paid the price!


Jesse knocked the blaster out of Claire's hand, and they began to wrestle. Jesse tossed her toward the window, but she hit the wall instead. She threw him against the ceiling. Jesse bounced off and hit the ground. Unscathed, he quickly got up and rushed at Claire, but she shoved him before he could strike her.

The chase led the princess and the pumpkins into the kitchen. They were closing in on her! "Prepare to die!"

"You just made a serious mistake," the princess said.

As the pumpkins took a stance, (but a pretty lame one), the princess focused her powers. Suddenly, the cabinet doors opened and asparagus and noodles flew out in all directions, ensnaring all her enemies!

Now the pumpkins and the wolf were no longer a threat.

It was time to deal with Claire.

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