El Monstrou Horrible (7+)

Jesse is an ordinary preteen who longs for a life of adventure, but he fears such dreams only come true in action movies. Thus he grabs the chance to go with his friend Claire to save the world--the adventure of a lifetime! But it is more perilous than he had ever imagined.


10. Bittersweet Ending

When Jesse came home, he told his mom everything: how Claire asked for his help, how he destroyed El Monstrou Horrible, (who was truly good), Claire's evil deceit, and how he saved the world! Jesse was surprised when his mom showed not anger, but relief and pride. "I'm sorry," he finished. "This was all my fault."

"Oh, you couldn't blame yourself," his mother said. "How were you supposed to know that your best friend was a complete and total evildoer?"

"You told me to stay here, and I sneaked away. It was my fault. I killed El Monstrou Horrible, and that's what gave her her chance."

"But you defeated her. You have saved us all."


That night, a funeral was held for El Monstrou Horrible--the true good guy. Everyone mourned. Jesse felt bad, but he knew his mother was right. Since his body was too big to be buried, it was burned instead.


However, the news spread quickly: Jesse was a hero! The morning after the funeral, a big celebration began. Banners were held up praising Jesse and his new friends. A buffet was prepared. Games were played. Confetti and balloons were everywhere.

During the party, Jesse was asked to become a knight! In fact, if none of this had happened, he probably wouldn't live his dream!

It was the beginning of a new life...

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