El Monstrou Horrible (7+)

Jesse is an ordinary preteen who longs for a life of adventure, but he fears such dreams only come true in action movies. Thus he grabs the chance to go with his friend Claire to save the world--the adventure of a lifetime! But it is more perilous than he had ever imagined.


2. An Old Friend

Jesse was washing the dishes. He was scrubbing a pot when he heard the doorbell.

He looked out the peephole. It was a recently-created habit of his. It was an old friend that Jesse had not seen in ages. She was in need of help. He opened the door.

Claire started up. "My name is--"


"Mm-hmm." The two friends hugged briefly. Claire remained at the door as she continued. "A young fairy princess is in need of our help. She has been kidnapped by the evil El Monstrou Horrible!"

"El Monstrou Horrible? Who's he?"

"Why, it is he who has all the population of magical creatures in his iron hands! I hear he is a sea monster! I have seen your strength. Your speed on a skateboard, your sword skills, your virtue--they cannot be equaled."

"I was about to read this ad," Jesse said, trying to hide his excitement, not only for the praise but also for what he had just realized could very well lay ahead, "called IS MAGIC REAL? I never got to read it--my mom called me into the kitchen and I forgot about it. Left it on the table. You've pretty much proven the answer. A fairy princess. Hm." He turned towards the kitchen. "MOOOMMMMMMM!!!"

No answer.

"I'll be right back," he told Claire.

Within moments, he arrived in the kitchen.

"I was wondering where you'd gone," said Mom, hands on hips.

Jesse knew she was wondering why the dishes were unfinished. So he told her the truth. "My friend Claire dropped by, like, really suddenly. We've had a little chat, and she's asked me to help her save a fairy princess." When his mother looked skeptical, he added, "She needs me."

"And risk your life? It is too dangerous!"

Jesse frowned. That's what he had expected her to say. If she even believed him. So he came back to the door and reported to Claire.

"Maybe we can go tonight, while your parents are asleep," Claire whispered immediately.

"Of course I will!" whispered Jesse, after a moment of contemplation. "It's what I've always wanted!"

"If you're brave enough!" said Claire, chuckling.

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