Zapped! (A Movalla Magazine)

Hey there loves! Thank you for clicking on this Magazine! This will be updated everyday by at least one of us! There will be gossip, best covers, top stories, etc. I hope you'll enjoy! Feed back is welcomed!


22. Day Twenty-One

Best Cover:


Top Stories:

Mr.Malik 3 - HazzasTeddyBear

These Written Words - Eleanor Calderxx

Dorm 301 - Thenameismegan


Best Author:



Best Trailer:



Best Series:

Here's To Us By Txmblr Queen


Best Character:

Charlotte From You're Mine


New Story:

Sexual Education


News Of The Day:

Thinking about a new story, oh and I was wondering for all my Superman fans, would you guys like a sequel? It'd be called 'Saving Grace'

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