Zapped! (A Movalla Magazine)

Hey there loves! Thank you for clicking on this Magazine! This will be updated everyday by at least one of us! There will be gossip, best covers, top stories, etc. I hope you'll enjoy! Feed back is welcomed!


11. Day Ten

Best Cover:

Silent Crush by: Abnormal Teen


Top Stories:


The Real Me

by: life_ends_sometime



by: xvenom


Me, You, Us

by: KayCee K, Princess Alli and itsamystery


Best Author:

KayCee K! She as amazing books and comes up

with really good ideas and is a really good coauthor!


Best Fanfiction Character:

Sofia in Lou Teasdale's Assistant

by: jojomloves1D


Upcoming Author: Txmblr Queen


News of the day:

I changed my username! I have an upcoming story

called Survivor its a Walking Dead Fanfiction!


~⚓I refuse to Sink⚓


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