Zapped! (A Movalla Magazine)

Hey there loves! Thank you for clicking on this Magazine! This will be updated everyday by at least one of us! There will be gossip, best covers, top stories, etc. I hope you'll enjoy! Feed back is welcomed!


15. Day Fourteen

Best Cover:


Best Profile Picture:




Top Stories:

Here's To Love By Txmblr Queen

Yours By Eleanor Calder

Awkward By frazzlexdazzle


Best Author:

Orange Beanie, her stories were the first stories I read when I joined Movellas. She is an amazing writer!


Best Fanfiction Character:

Harry from You're Mine



Best Trailer:





Upcoming Author:



New Story:

Here's To Love By Txmblr Queen

News Of The Day:

I have been away for the last few days babysitting my goddaughter. She's a handful but I love her. Other than that I am gonna be updating a lot today, hopefully. 

-Black Cat

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