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Hey there loves! Thank you for clicking on this Magazine! This will be updated everyday by at least one of us! There will be gossip, best covers, top stories, etc. I hope you'll enjoy! Feed back is welcomed!


19. Day Eighteen

Top 2 Covers!


Very Addictive Stories:

Here's To Us - Txmblr Queen

Prince Charming - Fi Loves 1D

You're Mine (+16) - Eleanor Calderxx

Little White Lies (+16) - Larry


Stories that are new and already addicting:

Chasing Diana - CarsonM15

Intoxicated - J.Summers

Loud - Last Death Suicide<3

Taking A Walk In Neverland - Finding My Neverland<3


Amazing Authors:

Txmblr Queen

Eleanor Calderxx

Maggi Styles

Lucy Style


New Inspiring Authors:

Last Death Suicide<3

Finding My Neverland<3

xShattered Dreamsx

Zoe Payne


Great Trailer Makers:

Lucy Style

Maggi Styles

Txmblr Queen



So today was a special update, who liked this update? Please comment if you did. Also I, Black Cat, have a special surprise for my kittens (That's what I am now calling my fans) So please be aware today because it'll be coming out :)

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