Zapped! (A Movalla Magazine)

Hey there loves! Thank you for clicking on this Magazine! This will be updated everyday by at least one of us! There will be gossip, best covers, top stories, etc. I hope you'll enjoy! Feed back is welcomed!


9. Day Eight

Best Cover:

By C.H Lancaster

Best Profile Pic:

Instxgrxm Doll

Top Stories:

Golden Eyes by KayCee K

Tears of a Rose by mybestfriendisapenguin_xX

Crack in my heart by Kimberly_Hood<3

Best Author:

TooWeirdTooNormal, her stories are the most greatest things I've read. She deserves today's section. Love her work! <3

Best FanFiction Character:

Morgan in Wicked

Upcoming Author:


News of  today:

Well there's going to be a new story of mine called Movellas Hall of Fame. I think that's all. 


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