Happy Fathers Day

Ruby Waters is like your typical, normal suburban girl with a all in all good life with one part of it missing. Her father. All Ruby wants for her 15th birthday (which is on fathers day) is to finally get her dad back but with obstacles in the way, will her father return or will she find him herself? Find out in my new story.


6. Why me?

Recently, all Ruby could think about was her dad. At the party, Danni noticed and asked if she was alright, Lindon noticed and asked Rob if we could go home but he just twined at us, but the one person that should have noticed but didn't was her mum. She of all people should have noticed that she was acting off with people but no Rob is always right, Pixie's a bigger priority, Rob's kids that he never sees are more important than her own is all that Carolyn said. Ruby was always thinking "Why me? Why did I loose my dad? Why couldn't why one of the sluts she doesn't like have lost theirs?" but she knew those thoughts wouldn't change her situation. It was now Tuesday, meaning that Ruby had double maths, double science and an hour of French ahead. She had her hair in a plait with little flowers in between gaps in the plait and had on foundation, eyeliner, mascara and a nude Tanya Burr lip gloss on. She put on her brogue school shoes, picked up her black side bag and French folder and out her phone in her pocket and it was time to leave. She wanted to get out before breakfast so Rob didn't lecture her about being rude at Danni's party, plus she had already made pop tarts that she could grab from the toaster when no one was there and take them and leave to meet Ariana, her latest boyfriend, Ethan and Jessie's brother, Jordan as he was Ethan's best friend. She somehow managed to sneak out of the house and got round the corner from Pine Road until Scarlett emerged from out of her friend, Molly's house. "What you doing here?" Scarlett asked, staring at Ruby with her extremely black pants eyes. "Could ask you the same question! I'm meeting Ariana, her latest squeeze and Jordan Mulberry, you?" Ruby asked. "I'm staying at Molly's for a bit, get away from mum and Rob. Don't tell her, just say I'm staying with Danni but her phones broken." Scarlett said. "As long as you don't tell mum I'm leaving for school earlier on purpose." Ruby said. "Deal, now go on." Scarlett said, seeing Ariana snogging Ethan on the wall of number 1 Pine Road. "Whatever loser." Ruby said, heading towards the love birds. Ruby saw them acting so lovey dovey and wondered why she hasn't had that much luck. Yes she had had a few boyfriends but nothing as serious as Ariana's last few. "Oh get a room." She said approaching them. "Haha, come on, we'll be late to meet Jordan." Ariana said, laughing sarcastically. 

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