Happy Fathers Day

Ruby Waters is like your typical, normal suburban girl with a all in all good life with one part of it missing. Her father. All Ruby wants for her 15th birthday (which is on fathers day) is to finally get her dad back but with obstacles in the way, will her father return or will she find him herself? Find out in my new story.


13. Things are looking up

It was now Friday. Tommorow would mark a week since Ruby's failed meeting with her father which really got Ruby more and more upset about the situation. It was final lesson, maths with Ms Wiltshire, a two time divorcee with about 10 kids and 5 of them had  different father's (Ms Wiltshire was a bit of a slut in her day) and Ruby was sat texting her friend, Megan and talking to Josh as theyvsat near each other in Maths. "What's wrong?" He whispered, looking to copy something off the board. "Nothing, just all the bull going in with my dad." Ruby whispered back, trying not to get caught talking. "You don't look OK." Josh said, seeming concerned. "Josh I'm fine, you don't need to worry like this." Ruby said, smiling at her boyfriend. "Ruby Waters! Josh Raine! You can express your love for each other in 45 minutes when my lesion ends, now shut up and work!" Ms Wiltshire yelled, Shaila Park turning round and sniggering as she was one of Leah's pals. "Sorry miss..." Josh sighed. "You will be, Raine." She said, turning round back to her computer. They sat in silence for the next 45 minutes until it was time to go home.   "Rubez!" Josh said, running up to Ruby who was about to walk out of the gates. "What?" She asked, hugging her boyfriend. "Do you wanna come back to mine and... You know..." He said, putting his arms around her. "Josh, we've been together what 4 months!" Ruby shouted, laughing at him. "But I love you, Ruby Waters! I love you more than anything!" He said, laughing. "Oh go on, that changed my mind. "She laughed, them both practically running to Josh's house. " Come on!" He said as they walked through the door locking it. They ran up to his room and got into the swing of things....

It was over. Ruby didn't find it exciting like Ariana said it was. She didn't feel like a woman. She felt like the same Ruby she had been before she gave away her girlhood to Josh and they both became 'adult's'. But Ruby had done it for the person she loved, and would love forever, she hoped. Things were looking up for Ruby, but if her mum found out about what she had just done, Josh wouldn't be safe in his own town anymore. 

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