Happy Fathers Day

Ruby Waters is like your typical, normal suburban girl with a all in all good life with one part of it missing. Her father. All Ruby wants for her 15th birthday (which is on fathers day) is to finally get her dad back but with obstacles in the way, will her father return or will she find him herself? Find out in my new story.


2. Party Plans

"Ruby, wake up its 7. Time to get ready for school." Carolyn Robinson, her mother said. "Give me five minutes, mum." Ruby groaned. "I gave you give minutes 10 minutes ago, come one get up." Carolyn said, opening the curtains in Ruby's room to make the sunlight wake her up. "I'm up, I'm up!" She said, climbing out of bed to go to the bathroom to shower. She spent 20 minutes, basically asleep, in the shower before going into her room to put on her black St Hopes uniform, put her foundation, mascara and eyeliner on and then drying and straightening her hair and putting it up in a high pony tail. "Rubez! Breakfasts on the table!" Rob shouted, by the sounds of things he was feeding Pixie because ruby could hear her screams, she really loved her dad and if Ruby's was around, she would to. She left her room, carrying her black small Primary bag and her Childcare folder to see her 13 year old sister, Scarlett emerge from her room wearing her skirt above her knees, her dyed black hair in a fishtail braid and her face plastered in makeup, the statement of her look being the lashings of mascara and coatings of eyeliner. She had been effected just as bad as Ruby even though she hardly knew dad and took it so much more badly when mum had to explain why her daddy wasn't around. "So what do you want for your party this year, Rubez?" Carolyn asked, letting Ruby sot in her seat at the table and start eating her toast. "I don't know mum, just a quiet night in with the girls I guess." Ruby said. "You can have a proper party you know, Ruby." Rob said, Ruby just scowling. "I don't want one OK!. I've gotta go, Jessie will be waiting." Ruby said, leaving the kitchen after being sat down for a record time of 3 minutes to go and meet one of her best friends. 

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