Happy Fathers Day

Ruby Waters is like your typical, normal suburban girl with a all in all good life with one part of it missing. Her father. All Ruby wants for her 15th birthday (which is on fathers day) is to finally get her dad back but with obstacles in the way, will her father return or will she find him herself? Find out in my new story.


14. Life is a nightmare

It had been 3 months since Ruby and Josh hooked up and Ruby's life had become more and more like a nightmare than ever. Last week, she thought she might be pregnant and was worrying more than ever, then her 'monthly gift' came along so she could calm down and stop overreacting. The week before that, she got another text from her father asking to meet (he didn't turn up again) which upset her more and the week before that, she found out that Scarlett had done it with her boyfriend of a week Marcus!  Life was really messed up for Ruby at the moment and she wanted something to improve it. "Ruby! Scarlett! Come here a sec!" Carolyn yelled. "What is it?!" Scarlett sighed. "Me and Rob have some news.." Carolyn said excitedly. "Oh what now?" Ruby asked. "We're moving!" Rob and Carolyn both said happily. "What! Why?" They both asked. "Because, we're having another baby." Carolyn said, Ruby and Scarlett's jaws dropping. "What!!" They both screamed. This would make life 'so much better' Carolyn said, 'improve our relationships' she said. But it wouldn't. This was making life an even bigger nightmare, but not just for Ruby. For Scarlett and Lindon to. When would all these 'good' surprises stop!

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