Brotherly Love

" Who are really?" I asked. Why did I have such a bad feeling about this? It's not like my feelings were going to change in anyway for him.
"Delphinium..... I'm your brother..." Niall said. I was speechless...


1. The Scandal

Delphinium  P.O.V


I woke up with a thud as I hit the ground. Why does this happen every single morning? My mother enjoyed hurting me ever since I was little and my dad passed away. Every morning she pushed me out of bed, hiring my head against the floor. I was so used to the pain that it barely hurt anymore. " getup you good for nothing slut!" She yelled then stormed out of my room. I got up off the floor, rubbing the back of my head that had interacted with the floor. " And when you get home, my new boyfriend will be coming over so you better be on your best behavior And don't mess this up for me!!" She yelled from downstairs. When I heard the front door closed I relaxed a little knowing that my mom had left for work.


I turned my attention to my closet. I piled out a pair of short shorts and a long sleeve shirt. I always wear long sleeves so my cuts and bruises from being beaten and from my deep citing wouldn't show. I took a quick shower even though I could have stayed under that refreshing hot water for ever. I got dressed and headed downstairs and fixed myself some toast with honey. I finished, putting my dishes in the sink and heading for the door, putting on my shoes and flipping my bag over my shoulder and headed to school.


When I finally arrived at school after walking the 5 blocks, my best friend Perrie Edwards ran up followed buy her boyfriend, Zayn Malik. " Hey Delph, did you hear the exciting news? Well exciting to me and you anyways." She asked, even her voice and body language seemed excited. I shook my head. " no what is it?" She grabbed my arm and dragged me outside of the school so nobody could hear us. Zayn followed us obediently. " you know Louis, Louis Tomlinson?"I nodded in response. How could I not know who Louis Tomlinson is, he's only the captain of the football team and also my biggest crush. Me and Louis have been best friends since we were in kindergarten. But all that changed in the first year of high school. He started becoming more distant and then started saying Eleanor Cadler. We still talked but it wasn't the same. "well..... He broke up with Eleanor!!" My eyes free wide at her words. Louis Tomlinson, captain of the football team, broke up with Eleanor Calder, cheerleading captain! The scandal. I tried to act as if it was no big deal to me but Perrie could see right through me. A smile covered her face as we walked to class. I hid my smile at the side of my face as we continued to walk to class.


I walked out of my last class and saw Louis sitting on the curb alone. That's where he and Eleanor used to sit after school. I walked up and say next to him. He didn't notice cause he had had head in his hands. I lightly nudged his shoulder to get his attention. " oh hey Delph." He said plainly and tried to smile. " hey Lou are you alright?" I asked, worry clearly shown on my face and in my voice. " uhh yeah I'm uhh.... I'm all right." He said turning his face to the other way so I couldn't see his face. I hesitated before I took his hand in mine and have him a comforting squeeze. He turned his face back to me with a slight surprised look on it. I smiled lightly at him and said " just because were not best friends anymore doesn't mean you can't talk to me when you need a friend." He smiled. " what makes you think that we're not best friends anymore?" I was stunned into silence, he still wants to be my best friend. After all this tom, we were still best friends. The thought brought a big smile to my face. " well?" He asked playfully nudging my shoulder. Just like we used to. I shrugged. Unsure of what to say. " well then. Why don't you think about it and you can tell me tonight. At the fair."  " what do you mean tonight at the fair?...." Then I understood. "ohh" he stood up and put out his hand to help me up and I gladfully took it. He winked at me making me blush. He moved closer. Our arms touched. He put his hands on my waist and brought his face close to mine. He put his lips up to my ear." See you tonight" I could hear the smile in his voice. He kissed me lightly on the cheek, pulled away and walked into the parking lot to his car. Did Louis Tomlinson, the football team captain, my biggest crush, my best friend, just ask me on a date? I walked home smiling while replaying what just happened in my head. Over and over and over again.

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