A Trip To London🌃

From his eyes to his smile to his voice you were a fan of Harry styles from the beginning!
As you go for a trip to London as to your surprise one direction are there...
Is this your chance to finally see him?


1. Morning before London!

You've been wide awake since around 6:00am excitement running though your body, today you were going to London!

You pull the covers from your body and pick yourself up out of bed. You walk downstairs to the kitchen and quickly pop the kettle on to make yourself a cup if tea, as the kettle is boiling you walking into the living room and switch the t.v on you flickered through the channels and came to a halt, to your surprise one direction were going to be in London for a month on break from your tour 'PING' you heard the kettle go off and stumbled to go make your tea. You take your cup of tea upstairs so you can get ready!

You finish your tea and quickly get into the shower to wash your hair and body you style your hair and get changed...

You get your suitcase and car keys and you walk to your car of course not forgetting to lock your door👍

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