"I could watch her for just one minute and I would find a billion things I love about her"

"Missing him comes in waves and lately everyday has been a hurricane"


1. preps

I woke up took a shower and got ready for the first day of my junior year. I had just had my 17th birthday last week and all my parents friends were there. Me and my friends did something actually fun. Anyways my brother in Zayn Malik we pretty much have the same personality but he has this one friend who is preppy Harry styles... YUCK!!!!!! He is such a good kid it's kind of sad because he has so much potential. Like if he got a few more tattoos maybe a sleeve I mean what kind of a person doesn't have any tattoos.. It's disgusting. Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam, and I are all in the same grade.

"Val get down here it's time to go to school" I heard a voice that was way to familiar

"Calm down styles" I said walking down the stairs "oh and next time you call me Valerie" I said stopping beside him "or it's off with your head" I said mocking the queen from 'Alice and wonderland'

He laughed and looked me up and down with a smirk. I was wearing my short black high waisted shorts with my wasted youth sleeveless shirt that was tucked in my shorts in the front of them with my combat boots and my fish net leggings on. I rolled my eyes in disgust and went out the door. I saw Niall who I didn't see all summer I ran to him and flailed myself into his arms wrapping my long legs around his waist.

"VALERIE BABE!!!!!" He screamed happily while spinning me around in his arms

"Put down my sister Niall" Zayn said sharply

"Right right" Niall said immediately while putting me on the ground making Louis and Liam giggle

" I think he should keep holding her" Harry paused for a minute so everyone could look at him "it'll be good for the Christmas card" he fished off mocking Adriana who was my best friend that died 2 months ago in a wreck with an 18 wheeler.

Everyone looked at me and I could feel my eyes tearing up

"Harold I swear I you ever mock Adriana again I will-" Harry cut me off

"You will what?" He said with a daring voice. I raised my fist and tried hitting him but before I could Zayn had grabbed a now very close Harry and pulled him away while Niall wrapped his arms around my stomach put me in his car and started driving off.

"Don't take me to school" I told Niall angrily with tears rolling down my face.

He looked over at me and took my hand in his

"Baby look at me" he pleaded

I turned my head slowly to face him and he smiled.

"I love you" he said sweetly

"Niall don't talk like that we are best friends I don't love you you don't love me that's how it's suposed to be we are friends and that's it" I said trying to deny the fact that I am madly in love with him.

"Whatever Valerie we all know that that's not true" he said putting his hand back in my mid thigh region.

"Where are we going?" I asked while playing with the radio.

"You'll see" he said with an odd voice that sounded like daffy duck.

I just kinda laughed and found a station that I really like and started singing with the song. When he stopped we were at field across from my old house.

Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn were already there.

"What's going on?" I asked Liam once I got over to everyone.

"Well you know how like the last two years of high school no one really liked you?" Harry said bluntly but nicely at the same time.

"well you see the thing is this year your like the biggest prep in the school and umm we don't umm-" Harry cut Zayn off and stated very bluntly

"he is trying to say that they can't be seen with preps no longer because when one of them is a prep referring to me it makes everyone turn into a prep referring to umm well you"

"But I can't be a prep I'm Valerie Malik... I'm the one who fucking got Zayn into this clique your fucking kidding me right?!?!" I looked around at three of the boys who were in front of me then turned around to see if Niall would speak up... Nothing...

"Fine then Harry and I will go and be a happy preppy couple and have the best junior and senior year that anyone has ever had" I said staring at Niall then getting in Harry's car.

"So I guess this means everything goes back to the way it was?" Harry said to me.

I looked over to him and said "Harry Styles this school year you have to act like you actually care about me and I will do the same understood?"

He smiled and nodded his head "you know val it's nice to have you back" he said with a big grin on his face.

"Harry styles I only have to act like I like you" I said trying to be polite because I will definitely need the practice "take me home so I can change and be my "preppy" self" I said trying not to get angry about having to act like a prep and act like Harry and I are a couple... This will be the longest 2 years of my life!!

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