A New Life

Hi my name is Kenisha and this is my story...


2. The Beginning

                                             *12 YEARS AGO*

My mother had died giving birth to me my father would tell me now i hardly see him since i turned 5 

                                   *5 YEARS LATER*

My father died in a car crash one month before my 6th birthday now I have been in foster care for 5 years I have made some friends Anna, Britney, and Chloe.

We all have been in the foster system since we were 5 we are now 17 one more year until we start a new life out of the foster system.

"Chloe" I say "What do you plan on doing for your 18th birthday"

"I don't know yet" Chloe says

"Britney" Anna says " What do u think Chloe should do"

"She should go out to a club with her boyfriend" Britney says

"Yeah" Anna, and I say at the same time


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