Guns Under Their Petticoats

My love x


8. ⤗ ocho

I broke down my walls to allow a smile

and slowly I began feeling again.

Talking and laughing, it was all okay, till the slight reminder it was all an act.

And now I find myself building those walls;

higher and higher till I'm stuck in a hole.

It's just me.

There's something wrong with me.

You aren't supposed to tell yourself no one likes you,

you aren't supposed to cry to sleep each night,

yet here I am at the bottom of my hole,

alone as ever.

The funny thing is, I keep pushing them away.

It really is my fault.

Staying blunt till the conversation dies

then lying in bed wondering why it's so quiet.

The feeling of emptiness is filling me up.

I try to smile, but it's getting worse each day.

And no matter how much someone holds me together,

my broken pieces fall between their grasp

till I'm crumbled to the floor

all alone once more.

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