Guns Under Their Petticoats

My love x


12. ⤗ doce

Pain ripping through every ounce of my body,

Please just let me escape this pain.

I said I liked pain

but not when I'm not in control.

I feel lost.

Faint memories of hints of cigarettes,

the lost touch of your lips.

Why did I ever think I was okay?

Why did I ever think someone would care?

My heard is a wildfire and it's burning

through every single part of my fucked up mind,

tearing through every controllable feeling,

not quite comfortably numb but rather unbearable emptiness.


The desolate corners of me ache for the touch of your voice

an echo of what we once had,

gone in an instant.

I cared too much for something too little

and every fucking part of me burns from the tiny flame you lit inside me.

We were warm but you left and all that's left is this fucking wildfire.

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