I fell in love like you fall asleep

have you ever thought there might be a different way? That you could change the inevitable? I fell in love helplessly and peacefully but I don't want to wake up.


3. I'm sorry

My fingers squeezed Gus's as we plodded along the path in the park. "Your eyes match the blossom" he said blankly "you look so beautiful Hazel Grace" this time I could hear the strain in his voice. I wanted to tell him. I wanted to hold him. But I knew that if I told him he would persuade me not to do it, holding my tired face in his hands and plead with me. But I didn't want to live without him, and I didn't want to watch him die. "Will you come with me to the hospital tomorrow?" I asked trying not to let him see my pained expression.

"Of course"

"I'm sorry, Augustus"

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