What If

What if Ron never said Hermione's name in the sixth year, what if he stayed with Lavender Brown? What if Hermione fell for Harry, and Harry fell for Hermione? What if Ginny was still dating Dean? What if Draco started dating Pansy? Find out for yourself.


3. The next day

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  Harry's pov

 I went to sleep that night thinking about Mione and woke up this morning thinking of Mione I wonder if she really likes me or she just wants to get Ron jealous. All I know is when I kissed Mione last night my life felt complete I wonder if this means we are dating now, no I don't think so wait what if she thinks we are dating I have to talk to her about it. Wait what if Ron finds out man he will be mad! Oh no oh no what have I done. But wait Ron is asleep now I have to go talk to her, now might be my only chance. I ran down to the common room I almost ran into Mione, again,

   “ Oh hey Hermione umm about last night so uhh"

    “Harry" she cut me off “I wanted to ask you if you would like to be my boyfriend"


   “Yeah sure, whatever" she just giggled MAN I LOVE HER GIGGLE

   “Let's not tell Ron yet though he would be REALLY mad"


        We walked down to breakfast, hand in hand,and all I could do  was smile like a mad man. They entered the great hall and all eyes turned towards them. 

        “This is weird " whispered Hermione

   “I have gotten used to it ,This was everyday of my life when I first got here"

   “Wow that must have been annoying"

   “You wouldn't believe."

      We sat down at the Gryffindor table and began to eat, all of a sudden Ron came into the great hall, they let go of each other's hand.


   “Morning" said the twins,an evil grin on their face,I gave them the death stare,and they looked down and began to eat their food again.

        Ron's pov

 I woke up this morning and Harry wasn't in his bed. I quickly got dressed and ran down into  the common room,he was not there either. He must have gone down to breakfast,so  I ran down to the great hall and Hermione was sitting next to  Harry with a smile on their face and everyone in the hall was looking at them. I walked right up to them,


“Morning"said the twins they had this huge grin on their face then Harry gave them the death stare and the continued to eat,with their heads down. I knew something was up and I was going to find out what.

   Hermione's pov

  Breakfast was over and since it was a Saturday there was no classes, darn but I have Harry, my boyfriend to occupy me. I was going to ask him out right after the kiss we had last night but I didn't have enough time I'm glad I did ask him today though. We had a nice walk by the lake and had a picnic, this day couldn't get any better, could it wait it could Harry was leaning towards me, I did the same and just like last night I felt like there is nothing in the world better than this, like when my lips touched his my life was complete, there were fireworks all around me. Man I love him,

   “Harry" I  said

   “Yeah" he asked  I smiled and said “

   I love you“ “

   I love you too Mione" 

       Ron's pov

  I followed Ron and Hermione out of the great hall I was gonna be a spy. All they did was walk around but wait THEY ARE HOLDING HANDS then they had a picnic instead of going to the great hall. That was when the worst happened Harry started leaning forward then Hermione did the same, gross, and then they just stayed there and talked the rest of the time

   Hermione's pov

   Me and Harry ate dinner but Ron wasn't there,weird we ran up to  the common room and sat down. This big chair spun around, It was..............

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