What If

What if Ron never said Hermione's name in the sixth year, what if he stayed with Lavender Brown? What if Hermione fell for Harry, and Harry fell for Hermione? What if Ginny was still dating Dean? What if Draco started dating Pansy? Find out for yourself.


1. Ron and Hermione changes to Ron and Lavender

        A/n this storys takes place in the sixth year.

       Hermione's P.O.V 

   There was Ron laying down on the bed in the hospital wing,he looked so handsome even if he was in a cast. Then snobby little lavender brown comes running in saying,

“Where is he? Where's my won-won?"

Oh please I bet you never really liked him. I could not believe what she said next,

“What is she doing her" She pointed at me

“I could ask you the same thing." She got all defensive,

“I happen to be his girlfriend!"

“I happen to be his... friend."

MAN I SO WISH I COULD HAVE SAID GIRLFRIEND. Suddenly Ron started to stir,

“Ah see he senses my prececese,speak to me won-won I'm here, I'm here.

“Lavender,    Lavender"

I had to get out of their I quickly walked out, pretending like,I forgot I book at the,Library. We'll at least I still have Harry.Ugh wait where was Harry? Suddenly I knocked into someone completely absorbed in my thoughts.

“Oh I'm so sorry" I start to say.

“No it was my fault" I look up,

“Oh hi  Harry," he looks up to,

“Oh Hermione how are you"

“I'm .....ok I guess"

“OH n  what happened."

He put his hands on his hips and said,“Did you fail a test." I giggled,

“No I ummmm"

“Is this about Ron?" I hesitated,


He looked at me,“Mione no matter how much you and Ron fight I will always be here for you"he said with a smile. Wow I really d  love the way his eyes sparkle when he smiles like that.

“So Harry who are you bringing to Slughorns party?"

“OH well uhhh  was hoping we could go together, as friends"

OMG HARRY POTTER WANTS TO GO TO  SLUGHORNS PARTY WITH ME, as friends, ok be cool be cool  Hermione.


“ Yeah I would love to go  to  slughorns party with you"

I couldn't help but smile wait I like Ron but Harry lookes so hot wait what am I saying?


“Ok  cool so I will wait in the common room at eight  and we can walk down to the party together"


and just like that he was gone. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT I'M GOING TO A PARTY WITH HARRY POTTER! and I think  I like him. I wonder if he likes me I guess I will gave to find out later.


             Harry's pov

 I was walking down the corridor reading a book  because when I get back to the common room I need to finish my homework, and right now I was about to  go  check on Ron when I bumped into someone.


    “Oh I'm so sorry" they say


    "No it was my fault. Then suddenly they say


    "Oh hi  Harry" I finally look up




    “I'm ..... ok I guess"


    “OH no what happened" then I put my hand on my hips trying to cheer her up I say


    “Did you fail a test" she giggled MAN her giggles are so HOT


    “No I ummmm"


    “Is this about Ron" I could see her hesitation


  “Yes" she said.

I looked at her and said“Mione no  matter how much you and Ron fight I will always be here for you" I smiled at her


  “So Harry who  are you bringing to Slughorns party?"


   “OH well umm I was hoping we could go together, as friends" OMG did I really just say that! Hey,I   do  like her I  just hope she dosnt have plans yet.


  “Yeah I would love to go to  slughorns party with you" She smiled me I really do love it when she smiles.

   “Ok cool I'll wait for you in the common room at eight and we can walk down to the party together" and then I  left, while  was talking to Mione   completely forgot about Ron so I ran int  the hospital wing only to  find him and Lavender snogging that git Hermione liked him and this is how he acts he will pay!


Hope you like it please leave comments xoxo-I am a tomboy


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