What If

What if Ron never said Hermione's name in the sixth year, what if he stayed with Lavender Brown? What if Hermione fell for Harry, and Harry fell for Hermione? What if Ginny was still dating Dean? What if Draco started dating Pansy? Find out for yourself.


8. Its Revenge Time & Ginny and Dean

Ron's pov 

I got up early the next morning, eager to put our plan in action. I got dressed, not waking Harry and ran down to the common room, to find my sister and dean making out.

“What in the bloody hell is this!"

They both jumped. “Ron!" My sister, Ginny was apparently surprised to see me. 

I looked to Dean. “Well?"

“Um, we are dating."

“Oh are you now!"

“Ron I told you this, now can you please just go." 

I just dropped the matter and left, running into my girlfriend. 

“Oh! Hey sorry just a little stressed."

She smiled it's ok. “Now we just need to set it up quickly and we will be ok as long as nobody sees us." She said holding up a piece of paper.

“Right lets go," I said running towards the owlery 

Harry's p.o.v

I woke up wanting to talk to Ron but he wasn't there so I figured he was just already at breakfast so I got up, got ready and went downstairs, where hermione was apparently waiting.

“Morning." I said smiling at her

“Morning." She gave her the beautiful smile of her's and I could have died by how much I loved it.

“Hungry?" I asked her 

“Yup come on sleepy head."

We walked to the great hall, just in time to get our mail, I didn't get anything but hermione got a letter. I couldn't find Ron, then I saw him and lavender at the couples table, the farthest from us as possible.

“He will come around."

“What?" I was caught up in my head so when hermione spoke it took me by surprise. 

“Ron, he will come around to the thought of us dating."
“Right ok. So what did you get?"
“It's nothing. Just some prank I guess." She said shoved it into her bag.
“Can I see?" 
“um. No I'll just throw it away."
“What it's nothing Harry trust me."
She smiled and began eating. I need that letter she may be hiding something from me. “Well lets go study in the library, I need a little help on my herbology homework." 
“Ok let's go." She said getting up.

Ron's p.o.v

I saw hermione open the letter but Harry didn't see it, dang it, he will see it, he has to. “Come on babe, the plan isn't done until they are apart." As we were leaving I passed Ginny's and dean and I stared at him, then I followed Harry and hermione.

Harry's p.o.v

We were in the library for 30 minutes when hermione finally went to he bathroom. When she left I got the note out of her bag and read it, and I could not believe what was right in front of me

Ron's p.o.v

Harry was reading the note. Yes! Now let's watch our plan unfold. I looked to lavender who was trying to find a good place to see Harry through the books.
She nodded. 
“It's go time."

Harry's p.o.v

I put the letter out of sight when hermione came back.
“Sorry, let's continue, do you have any questions?"
“Yeah I do. What the heck is this!" I said holding up the letter.
“I told you it must just be a prank and I can't believe you went through my bag! "
“Just a prank! Listen to this.
Dear mione,
Thank you for an awesome date last night you are an amazing girlfriend. I love you jokes about that idiot Harry Potter, hope to have another awesome date again soon.
-your real lover 
“Harry that isn't mine!" 
“Right,I'm glad I went though your bag, and I'll do it again if I ever have to with any other future boyfriend! Bye !" I grabbed my things and stormed out. I can't believe she did that.

Hermione's p.o.v

I was crying when he stormed out, who could possibly do this, I grabbed my things and ran outside."

Ron's p.o.v

“It worked babe."
“Like a charm." She said smiling and kissing me “we should become a team and ruin more relationships." 
I laughed.“don't go to far come on." Then we left and took a little walk outside, being very proud of ourselves. After about 25 minutes we went back inside and said our goodbyes. I gave her a kiss and headed back to the common room to celebrate and relax.
The common room was empty, which is not common(see what I did there)

“I know what you did."
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