Aisle Five

The story of a girl with an unhealthy love for starbursts, and a boy whose hair has accidentaly been dyed purpple, meet at a pharmacy and end up getting trapped in it.


1. Description

Luke was just a regular guy, dropped out of college and was no living with his mates, However when a prank goes wrong with his friends, he ends up with puke purple hair.

Emma's mom has problems, hair problems. Mostly deciding what color to dye her hair. She just syes her hair a lot- too much for Emma's taste. So she always sends her daughter to fetch her hair dye bottles. Not that Emma minds it, she always uses the extra money to buy candy.

When the two meet in Aisle Five of a pharmacy with low standards, It's not a good start, Luke teases Emma about her candy obsession, Emma teases Luke about his puke purple hair.

However when the pair get trapped in the store together, its a different story. ;)

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