The Catch

There is always a catch.


1. Brave

Sometimes to get ahead in the race you have to push harder than you've ever had to push before. Causing you to want to break and shred to a million pieces, but in the end it is all worth it. "Now it looks like we have a new dancer joining us! She was absolutely the most amazing soloist that we saw at the auditions. So we had to chose her before anyone else can." the dance instructor spoke. Making me want to scream and shout until I couldn't anymore. "Ladies and gentleman please welcome Arrissa to the team!" she said and everyone started clapping. The people standing around me patted my back, I tried holding back the overly cheesy smile knew was coming, though I couldn't. I felt myself smile so big it hurt. "Come here, tell us about yourself!" the dance instructor half demanded. I made my way to the beautiful blonde woman. Once I was standing close to her I noticed how tall she was and how blue her eyes were. So beautiful compared to my plain green ones. Everyone began to quiet down and I began to speak. "Hi." I exhaled harshly. "I'm Arrissa Feil, I'm a dancer, obviously." everyone laughed. Good job Ris. "I'm from West Virginia, moved to here about a year ago. So yeah." I looked to the dance instructor as a pass to go back with the other dancers. "Have you danced anywhere before?" she asked, while running her fingers through her hair. "I've danced at a private studio at home and a couple plays but that's it." I say softly, slightly embarrassed. "Wow, who was your teacher then? You don't get that good just dancing in school plays." a male dancer standing behind all the other dancers asked. "My mom taught me." I paused. "Rosenmarea Vanpheska. The instructor looked at me with a shocked expression, along with everyone else. The dancers began to talk loudly and the dance instructor still looked in shock. "Now it makes sense why your so good. Your mom is like the dance queen. You've seen the picture of her when you walked into the building right?" she asked in a much different tone thane before, much more sentimental. I gave her a nod. "I'm Ilaya Andrews, its an honor to have you dance with us. I had no clue Mrs. Vanpheska was your mother. I'm so sorry about her passing. She was a true angel." Ilaya put her hand on my back. "She was my inspiration since I was about five years old." "She'd love to hear that, and thank you. Ilaya." I say with a huge smile on my face. Ilaya quieted the dancers down and I was released from center stage of the room and was able to go stand with the dancers. I went to the back standing next to the man who asked me the question earlier. He was nearly a half a foot taller than me and was packed with muscles. Ilaya began talking to everyone about the future performances coming up. The one that got my attention was the dance performance for the band One Direction.
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