Harry and selenas love story


1. love at first glance

" Niall I need a girlfriend like jane can you please help me find her I know she's out there some where?" Harry asks Niall. " I think janes sister Selena is single you remember her right we grew up with them so I'll ask jane if she is if so I'll have her talk to Selena."Niall replies. At the house I ask Jane "Do you think there is a guy out there for me sissy? I want a guy like Niall sweet and kind and loving and he has to be good with kids." Jane replies back " I think Harry is avalible I'll ask Niall for you if you want me to ok lil sis." I nod yea. The next day after the concert Niall picks jane up and spins her "hey beautiful how u doing?" Jane says " I'm fine we need to talk Niall about Selena and Harry." Niall replies back " I was just thinking about that too." Harry saw me and smiled then looked away. Louis tells me " Selena Harry likes u do u like him?" I reply " yea I do since we were little bro." " I know Selena he just wanted me to ask cuz he want to go out with you." Louis says. I smiled wide "Really?" I walked toward Harry and kissed him.

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