The Fault Between Hazel & Gus...

It's a sequel to "The Fault In Our Stars" By : John Green


1. Us

Hazel's POV: I Walked in and grabbed my laptop and Skyped Gus... He answered my call right away...

Conversation between Gus & Hazel: (G- Gus H-Hazel) 

G- Hey Hazel Grace

H- Hey Gus

H-How Are You?!

G- Quite Grand Hazel Grace, Yourself?


G- Yes Hazel Grace?!

H- Peter's an ASS.

G- I know Hazel, I'm sorry he ruined our trip...

H- He did nothing of the sort Augustus..

H- Wanna come over?

G- Sure Hazel Grace.

H- Bye Augustus Waters

G-Bye Hazel Grace xo


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