Hogwarts dance love story (Dramione)

Hogwarts have decided they where going to throw and annual ball. So they brought a dance teacher to the school. But the question is who?

This is also a Dramione fan fiction
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Enjoy #DramioneForever


1. The Announcement


"I'm hermione granger and you are?"

" malfoy, Draco malfoy"

Next thing I knew I was awake. It's the third time this week I have had that same dream, it is weird I never think of malfoy.

Im hermione I'm at the burrow waiting to go to Hogwarts for my sixth year. I'm waiting to find out if I'm head girl. Sixth years get this privilege because the seventh years have to much to deal with.

I'm on the train to Hogwarts with Harry, Ron and Ginny. Their having an argument over who gets the last chocolate frog so I stood up took it of the seat and left for a walk down the train. I open it and ate it before it could jump away. I looked at the card it was strange it was not a normal card there normally famous people, but this one was of ...

"Watch where your going granger."


"That's my name don't wear it out"


I ran of the card in my hand was Draco and when I saw him I felt something, something different not hate or anger, happiness and..and love .

When we finally got to Hogwarts I went into the great hall and sat next to Ginny, Harry and Ron where not there so I showed her the card

" Is it possible to have a card with malfoy on?"

"I heard my name" Draco said tuning around

" go away malfoy" I replied

" what card are you talking about"

" a chocolate frog one"

" really I got one of you"

" show me" we both said at the same time so we showed each other the cards.

Then professer Dumbledore stored up to make the announcements, Harry and Ron had finally appeared.

" there are only a few announcements today first from this year on we will be having a ball each year so we have brought in a new teacher miss Abby-lee miller also the sixth year head boy and girl are Mr Draco malfoy and miss hermione granger. Can you both come to my office after dinner, now of you go everyone of to bed"

(Sorry it's short #DramioneForever)

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