2. story

It started last week, I was just walking home from Dinner when the light bulb in the street light over me just blew up. I am not talking like shattering a Little, it blew up and the shards flew so fast that one of them penetrated my skin and drilled into my arm. I ran all the way home hearing all the bulbs blowing up behind me one after one, when i came home I went into my kitchen to get a better look at the wound. It was pretty bad skin torn up and blood flowing like a stream, since leaving the house was no possibilty, I grabbed a pair of pinchers and my smallest knife and started removing the glass shard. Of course since i had no Medical experince and was using a kitchen knife and something you use to pull eyebrow hair out, it was going crappy. Blood spraying all over me and the floor, i finaly got the glass out but the kitchen didnt look so fancy anymore. I was to tired to clean up the puddle of blood on the floor, i just walked into my living room and colapsed on the couch. The NeXT day when i woked up and went into the kitchen to clean up, i swear i was about to cry. Because in the puddle there was foodprints going into the living room, I know that you think it was my own. But there was something off about them, just something wrong when you looked at them. They was draggy and to small for me, like a childs footprints. I will continue later i need to Watch out for that they dont find out, Watch out yourself too.

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