A Thief's Beginning

I do not own any characters, places or themes related to any of the games in the uncharted series, naughty dog does. Possible spoilers for drakes Deception.
The first real hunt Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan go on together. It will be a real journey to remember, but will it be memorable for the right reasons?


2. Chapter two

Chapter two


Night loomed over cartagena quickly, dim street lights barely managing to protect the streets from a night of pure darkness. The small little market square was completly silent. Meaning that when a loud moan escaped from nates mouth it felt like it echoed of the cold walls. Nates eyes struggled to open as his body slowly woke up. "Ugh... How long have I been out...?" Nate muttered, Cutting his hands when he rolled over. The dry patch of blood where he had been lying didn't go unnoticed by Nate, his stomach doing flips as he thought about what happened. He had been attacked by some man, that much nate could remember. Nate couldn't actually rememeber why he attacked him, but he was pretty sure he would rememeber. Nate slowly brung his feet under him and tried to shake the wave of nausea and dizziness that threatened to bring him back onto his knees. Nate grabbed for the wall for support while he let his head pull itself together.


A few moments passed before he deemed it to be safe enough for him to walk. He started to walk, making sure he stuck to the shadows so no one would get suspicious. After all, A 15 year old with bruises and blood covering his ripped clothing walking alone may direct unwanted attention to himself. Nate secretly worried what his mentor was going to say. God knows how long he had been missing for, Sully was probably freaking out over where he is. Nate was only supposed to be gone for ten minutes, Not hours like he had been. 


The walk back to the makeshift apartment wasn't very far away, but with his injuries he had to be very careful. Every step nate took meant the pain intensified and the glass in his back burried itself further into his skin. Nate knew that he was losing a lot of blood, he could feel the drips trailing down his back. Nate didn't really fear his injuries, He feared about what Sully was going to say. After all nate practically dropped of the face of the earth for a few hours without any real notice, and Nate wasn't sure if sully would be mad at him or the market man. At the end of the day Nate is the one bleeding, not him. And it wasn't as if Nate actually managed to make off with the chain, the man didn't actually lose anything. Fair enough what nate did was wrong, But the man didn't need to flip out like that and physically cut and bruise him just to make a point. But, because of the mans actions he now had to deal with glass in his back and cuts all over.


Despite how long the walk to the apartment actually was, before no time he was standing outside the door. His stomach felt like bricks as he slowly raised his hand to knock on the door.

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