Dark Side (Teen Wolf fanfic)

(THIS WAS ORIGINALLY KNOWN AS "Teen Wolf: The New/Old Girl In Town")---The new girl in town, Emma Summers, or should we say old girl?She moved from Beacon Hills to Italy before the first day of school. Let's just say she wasn't the prettiest flower around. Well, she's back and she's changed, new look, new style, new attitude, and new powers. She's changed the way Erica did when she became a werewolf, but the thing is Emma isn't a werewolf, she definitely is supernatural but not a wolf, is she just hiding her scent...or is she something else?


2. The Seniors Party

Scott's P.O.V

I was at Lydia's party with Stiles right next to me(annoying me...ALOT), but I just tuned him out, I was to busy staring at Allison, but at the same time thinking about what that girl ,Emma, said. What does she mean by 'I know what you all are'? Does she know I'm a werewolf? Or is she working for The Alpha Pack? Or maybe- -Jesus Criss! I'm becomig obsessed with werewolves! Well, its not obsessed if your one of them...right?

Just then, I smelled her, Emma Summers, I remember her, I was the only one in school that was at least nice to her, even Stiles was meen. But I was different, sometimes when I'm waiting for my mom to pick me from school, I see her sitting in a corner crying. I really felt bad for her.

"Hey Stiles, I'm gonna go grab some punch".I say to my sarcastic friend.

"Okay wolfie".He says casually...which annoys me.

I walk tword the punch and fill a cup, thats when someone pokes me from behind.

I turn around and see Emma with a small smile on her face."Hey Scott, I uhh wanted to tell you sorry for the hole bitch act at school this morning, I was just mad at Lydia and I wanted to show her that I can fight back". She says politly, probably trying to make a friend that won't stare at her butt every 5 seconds.

"It's okay, I know what you mean, I would probably do something like that if someone pissed me of too."Thats when I smelled something coming from her it was...blood. But it wasn't on her clothes or anything, I think it was on her mouth. Weird?

"Thanks, uhh but it was kinda true. I mean whenever and whereever I was I could hear people talking about these secrets and crazy things going on in Beacon Hills, like soon to be murders, burned houses. It was crazy, but it was useful, and since I didn't have any friends and I would look way to desperate talking to myself, I was really quiet and people never noticed me."She said, and it kinda scared me, I mean I know she would have a tone of friends now 'cause of what she looks like, but she was really good at keeping quiet.

"Well, um that's really interesting, I mean sometimes I wished I could know what people are talking about, but Stiles is way to annoying and always keeps talking about how one day Lydia would marrie him." I say nervous, and off-guard.

"Um, okay? I'd keep talking to you but your girlfriend is staring at us like crazy and it's creepying me out, I'm gonna go grab someone to snack on"NOw that part got me confused did she say 'someone'?

"Sorry, about Allison, she's actually my ex-girlfriend"

"Oh, well ok. Hey do you imagine if someone came to this party naked?"She says laughing a little.

"That actually would be hillarious"I say chuckling and agreeing with her.

That's when she stoped and looked at something behind me."Oh, I should go, ex-girlfrind heading this way, and I really don't want to get in girl fight, bye, Scott"

"Bye?"I say ackwardly and turning around preparing myself for Allison's speech about how she must be werewolf or just a bitch, but I would tune her out by listening to someone else's conversation.

Emma's P.O.V

I was walking around to see if annyone would look good enough for a bite. You see no, I'm not a werewolf like Scott or Derek Hale. And yes, I know their werewolves 'cause I can smell it on them. I'm not a mutt but let's see if you(your name) can put the pieces togethere, I'll give you 3 clues: I'm immortal; weakend by the sun; and drink blood. So, yeah I'm a vampire. I became one in Italy by someone named Demetri Romling, my dad died of a heart attack, and he apperently was a family friend. So, he asked me if I wanted to be one and I said yes. Don't ask why, you'll just end up with 2 holes in your neck, by the way, no that does NOT make you a vampire, you become on by drinking a vampire's blood and dieing with it in your system.

That's when I saw my least favorite of their little gang, Lydia Martin.

"And who invited YOU to MY party?"She asks with that bitchy tone of hers.

"Some guys at school, plus it's an open invite for seniors, and last time I checked I'm a senior"I say turning off my humanity switch just like I did this morning, I only turned it back on when I was talking to Scott.

"You know you have some nerve to talk back to me when I know alot of ways to shut you up"She says...threating me?

"Right now I want you to go into that bathroom"I say motioning to the downstairs bathroom."...and come out side with out any clothes, shoes, or acceseries on, and when you come out if anyone's laughing I want you to ask 'what?' and then look down realize what you did, and did it for no reason and just react a way you would normally react to. Understand?"I say ordering her and mostly compelling her(it's like a way to hypnotize someone.)

"I understand."She says with no emotion as she walks thwords the bathroom. Man this is going to be hillarious, she'll be so emberassed at her own party!

When she came out, she was COMPLETELY nude, and EVERYONE was laughing like crazy, including me!!!!!!

That's when I glanced at Scott and Allison, Allison wasn't there but Scott looked worried and I saw him running to Stiles. I felt really hungry, so I went outside to get a 'snack'.

I decided on a 18 year old guy who was checking me out earlier.

I walked over to him when I saw his buddies leaving.Perfect."Hi."

He turned around." Hey, you Emma right? The new girl?"

"Yeah, now don't scream this wont hurt a bit." I say compelling him while my fangs grew out and sinked them into his neck, and drained him, ehh he was going to commit suicide on Monday anyway I made it easier, plus I already know that Beacon Hills had unsolved murders, so I decided to leave him there, until I heard some people coming over. Crap. It's Scott and his little 'gang'.

Scott's P.O.V.
I was helping Allison and Stiles with Lydia trying to get her to calm down.

"Okay Lydia, just breath. Now, tell us why did you come out of the bathroom naked?!" Allison said really worried.

"I don't know, I just--it felt like an...order"Lydia told us, still a little shake 'cause of what happened.

"Okay then what was the last you remember?"Stiles asked her kinda pissed off at whoever would do this.

"Last thing I remember I was...talking to that bitch 'ugly Emma'."

I was starting to get really confused, but I knew that Lydia was telling us the truth because I was listening to her heartbeat. That's when I smelled it...blood. It was freaky 'cause at first I was thinking 'who would be bleeding?'"Guys, I smell blood." I told them.

They all looked at me worried."Where?"Asked all if them in unison.

I sniffed the air a little."Outside, come on!"

We started to run outside(with Lydia dressed all ready) following me as I got closer to more blood.i heard some something...sucking?

When we got closer there was a guy dead with blood all over his neck. I took a step forward only to see a figure with long dark brown hair, it was a girl.

I looked closer and I could finally see who it was, I can't believe who it is...

"Emma?" Those where the only words able to come out my mouth.


So, this story is NOT involved with The Vampire Diaries, but all the info about vampires on that show is the same info about this vampire .

If You Bite, I Bite Right Back

-Caroline 己

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