Dark Side (Teen Wolf fanfic)

(THIS WAS ORIGINALLY KNOWN AS "Teen Wolf: The New/Old Girl In Town")---The new girl in town, Emma Summers, or should we say old girl?She moved from Beacon Hills to Italy before the first day of school. Let's just say she wasn't the prettiest flower around. Well, she's back and she's changed, new look, new style, new attitude, and new powers. She's changed the way Erica did when she became a werewolf, but the thing is Emma isn't a werewolf, she definitely is supernatural but not a wolf, is she just hiding her scent...or is she something else?


6. Learning New Things

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Emma's P.O.V

Once Stiles had fainted I remembered that he never has seen me fully vamped out. Oh well, his bestfriends a werewolf, you'd think he'd gotten use to suprises by now. As I extracted them back, Allison went to take Stiles to the school nurse, Lydia stayed behind saying that she was going to "deal" with me. Poor thing doesn't even know whats coming to her. "I want it back." I snapped at her.

She pretented to think for a moment trying to piss me off even more. "Ask me again in ten years. Maybe I'll consider it." She snapped at me. I started to stare at her, and I guess she noticed I was doing something. Yeah, trying to annoy her, but she thought of something else. "You can't do that weird thing with your eyes that makes me do stuff. I learned to fight it." She says as if she had completed a goal or something. They really don't know much about vampires do they?

"Oh sweetie, it takes years of practice to fight off completely a vampire's compulsion. We don't need to do that, cuz, well we can't compel eachother." I say informally. "Now, give me back my ring." I say actually compelling her. She handed it back to me like a robot. "I want you to forget this ever happened, now go to class." I say as she backed away and walked into the English class.

Then Isaac walked infront of me. "That...was awesome. Can werewolves do that too?" He asked hopefully. "Sorry, but no. Atleast I think. Ask Derek." I told him with a small smile. "You know Derek?" He confusingly asked me. "You honestly don't think that I would come back to this town without having my homework down on the people around here, do you?" I answered. Then he had this look on his face as if he was remembering something.

I wonder why she is here, Scott said it was to cause trouble around people, as well as Stiles, Derek, Allison and practically everyone around here. I wonder whats her story. She doesn't want us dead, and she doesn't want to hurt us. Why would everyone else say that? He thought. Yes I can control the power to read people's minds, it's kinda like my humanity, there's a switch to turn it on and off.

 "If you want, we could cut class and I can tell you my reasons?" I asked. He looked confused. "Reason's for what?" Oh yeah, I forgot he doesn't know I read his mind. "Reason's for wanting you guys to live. You do know I can read minds right?" I asked chuckling a little. He had a suprised look on his face. "Oh, I did not know that." He said making me laugh. "Come on, skiping a class won't kill ya." I said joking and motioning him to follow. He started walking, then he hesitated for a second. "I don't bite." I say, hoping he'll follow. As we walk out the school, I stop by my locker to grab my camera holder. Yes, I take photos, you'll find out soon.

In the woods...

As we both get out of the car, and far from it, I stopped looking at the perfect view from up top. Beautiful. "Wait a second." I spoke, getting my camera from it's bag, taking photos of the view. "You take photos?" I move my head towards him and tilt it to the left side. "Yeah. I've got a saying about it." I answer back. And keep walking with the camera strap over my neck, passing him. "Will I get the chance of hearing it?" I smile. Cute. He's curious. "Photos stay, when people leave." I finally give him the answer. "Can I see the photos?" He asked hopefully. I chuckled, "Sure, if I get a picture of your claws." He wondered. "Why would you want to take a picture of that?" He questioned my random debre of negotiation. I sighed. "Why not?" I challenged. "It's...different. Natural. Original. When I take a picture, I want it the way I found it. I don't want posed or thought of. Or even set up. So yeah, a picture of your claws, for access to pictures in here. Deal?" It was kinda a non serious and more of a playful deal. And gladly, he accepted. He made them appear in kind off a badass way, was he trying to impress me? "Don't pretend, just...be there." I assured. He kept them the way he took them out. I took the picture, hearing the snap of the camera, he extracted them back in. Looking up, "Was the alright, this is my photoshoot." I looked at him in a funny way. "Haha. Here. Just be careful." I say as I put the camera strap around his neck, I was adjusting it securly, looking up, I see that Isaac was looking at me. And I find myself staring back at those ocean blue eyes. Eventually we both snap out of it. He started clicking through the photos. He giggled at some. "I never new you had a dog." He spoke aloud. "Yeah, I do. And he's loyal to me. I got him in Italy." I love that dog, he's a German Sheperd. He smirked as he continued with the pics, "Who's this?" He asked me. I look at the pic. I gulp. I forgot that was even there. Demetri. I smile. He was like an older brother/uncle to me. He was a friend of my dad's when he died of a heart attack. Apperantly, in his will, Demetri had custody of me. He treated me like a little sister/niece. I miss that. My dog was actually his. (picture of Demetri on side>>> Or top if your using a phone, ipod, or ipad^^^) "Uh, that's Demetri. He took care of me in Italy." I smile at the picture. Isaac then gives the camera back to me seeing as the photos stoped there. "Here." He said as he put the strap around my neck, same as I did with him. And this time, I'm the one looking at him. It's weird. It's like I like him. More than like. That's not possible, we met today. And yet, I wonder...does he like me? I wonder what he's thinking. Should I? It's private yet so... ugh! That's it! I bring myself to read his mind God, look at her. The hair, the eyes, the lips. All so mesmerizing. I could stand here and stare at her for hours. Unfortunatly, we both have a town filled with dangers that could literally hang up "We Need Heroes" And then they find Scott's number saying "Hey, Robin, could I talk to Batman?" When Stiles would answer. Haha. That'b be hilarious. He thinks that way about me? Huh. And has a thing about annonying Stiles. This could work. "So uh, want to go back to the school, look like badasses, probably get detention, then my place?" I broke the stare. "Uh, sure, I mean, not coming back would equall detention anyways, so why not now? Right?" He keeps rambaling on. "Come on." I say as we walk back. As he catches up to me a little he asks "And hey, could I drive?" I thought for second. "What the hell?" I say as I throw him the keys.


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