The Divorce with Myself

Sydney Craine notices how she is her own man and been hiding away from relationships and scared of being hurt based of the down falls of her past. Can she take a chance on love?


2. Life Has Just Began

Mama rushed to Ki'ane, knowing for sure it is not going to be easy to raise a baby alone especially at such a young age. She catched up to Ki'ane before he drove off to tell him the news.

Wait, wait babe! Uuuum...can we go for a bite, maybe?

Sure, but we can't stay out for long.

OK, I promise it will only be for a second.

As they get in his car it was silence for a moment then suddenly he asked, " What's in the basket?"

It's nothing just some clothes and stuff like that. Can I ask you a question and I want you to be honest with me, OK?


Ki'ane, when I first saw you, I felt like I was dreaming or you was impossible. But when my hips moved with your soul, I was comfortable in your skin. I gave you things I wouldn't give to any guy, but I gave it to you. I gave you my virginity and I didn't regret a single thing. What you gave to me is what no other man given me. I want you to remember that and don't you ever forget it. You are my first love and what we have is a beautiful thing and so I ask you... Do you love me? And I am not talking about my hips or my thighs, not the lust but do you love me for who I am?

Silence broke out for a minute, again.

" You're pregnant, aren't you?, "asked Ki'ane.

Before you know it, the tears were rolling down her red cheeks and the mascara a bit messed up. Just answer my question please.

He just looked at her and kept driving.

Ki'ane, babe you are a grown man and you have your own place and a job. I mean, we can try to work this out. I...I can get a job and find a good daycare and I can help with the things and still try to go to school. Please babe, we can work this out if we try. We may fall short at times, but I know God will pick us back up. Ki'ane can you just answer me please.

As she grabs for his hand he snatches away each time. Mama constantly kept crying and pleading for him to cooperate.

Thinking about a baby on the way at such a young age, she didn't realize where she was until the car stopped.

"Get out the car," Ki'ane demanded.

Wait, what...this is not...

Get out the car, now. And she did just as that to not make him more upset than he is. Babe, I thought we was going to go get something eat.

You're going to get something alright if you won't clean up that damn face of yours. Now, I'm going to welcome you to the ghetto and hoprfully you will remember this place, because this is will you will have your first abortion.

Nooooo, wait! Please baby, don't take a human life. It's just a baby, pleeease dont't do this as mama sobbed.

Bitch, shut up. Now, we both know that we don't have time for a baby. You're in school and haven't even graduated and you damn sure know I ain't got the time for a damn baby when they cost too much.

But we can work it out, just me and you.

Let me tell you something, hoe, ain't no me and you.

Diana just paused and stopped walking. " Why yo ass stopped walking, we ain't ain't got no time to lose," said Ki'ane.

Wait, wait, wait... Whothehellareyoucallingahoe? YouaintGod anddamnsureyouaintplayingGod. RatheryouhereornotI'mgoingtohavethisbaby. YouaintGodtryingtodecidewholivesanddies.If it have to be somebody to die it should be you and let this new life come into this world.

Look, I don't speak all that spanish shit but all I know you better get yo ass on with this damn abortion.

You are sick and right when she said that he came walking up to her to force her to the abortion.

Pacing off as quickly as she can, he right behind but instead of trying to run after her, he leaped into her car and started driving after her. Her heart raced and trying as hard to catch her breathe, she ran with her might across the street just in time. All she saw was the lights of the car and she disappeared.

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