The Food Lover~ A Niall Horan Fanfiction by Afeni Artherly


1. Selene<3Niall

My name is Selene. I've been a Directioner from Day 1. My mom thinks that 1D is more important to me than my schoolwork. Sometimes it is. I've been trying to win contests to see one direction because I want to go to one of their concerts. Videos don't compare to the real thing. I've always wanted to meet them in person. No fangirling. I can contain my excitement. I've been entering for 1D tickets. I won't give up. My bestie Julianne said that they will go to random theatres for the premiere of the movie. I swear me and her were fangirling like no tomorrow. I like fangirling and being excited and giddy. But I won't do it when I meet 1D.

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