Twin Wolfs

A game called Twin Wolfs. An earthquake called Wondeal. An enemy called Fü ... or is he a love?


1. 150 Sshioes

Kelsie sighed as a cool breeze ruffled the branches of the young oak tree on which she was perched. The view from her position was magnificent. The fact that this tree was such a rarity being a living tree made the experience all the more breath-taking.

Her oak tree was resting on the edge of a cliff, leaning out towards the vast beyond. The late afternoon light cast eerie shadows on those below, all the while painting them in a vibrant splash of autumn colors. Kelsie smiled as she idly tugged on her dirty blonde hair, loosening the tight braid. The slight breeze that ran through the darkening sky cooled her fair skin. She sat up in the branches and peered through the leaves above. The brunt of stars were yet to come out, but a few dared to twinkle as the sun was ending her shift. The sun herself pulsed red and yellow throughout the blanketed blue. As the colors streaked across the cloth like sky, small, thin clouds gracefully glided by. Kelsie sighed once more, it truly was beautiful.

So calm, so peaceful …

“KELSIE! IT’S ALREADY LATE! COME DOWN!” the cry rang loud and clear, in Kelsie’s ears. She groaned, her sweet moment of peace was gone. Why did brothers have to be created? She thought with a grumble, To bother their sisters to no end? She sighed a third time and hopped down from her branch, careful not to get her Space Cadets uniform tangled in the peeling bark.

“Kelsie!” came the cry again.

“I know! I know! I’m coming!” Kelsie called back. She grabbed her sports bag from the base of the oak, and began the descent down the hill.

If only she could stay up on that oak tree forever. If only she could admire the sunset till the very last second; to watch the last rays of light lose to the blackened sky. Yet, ‘if only’s’ only happened in your dreams. ‘If only’s’ weren’t realistic, they were mere wisps of smoke like hope. Kelsie shouldered her bag and glanced up at the sky. It was still pretty, but on the oak tree, everything seemed magnified in beauty. Kelsie spotted Carl waiting for her at the hills base with the same mischievous grin on his face that he always did.

Jumping the last outcropping to the flat footrest below, Kelsie stood face to face with her brother. His brown hair swayed in the late afternoon breeze.

“Yes …?” she asked, the hint of suspicion in her voice as she crossed her arms. Carl clasped his hand behind his back and rocked from heel to toe.

“Noooothing.” he averted his eyes.

“You’re hiding something, huh?” Kelsie stepped to the side glancing behind Carl. Carl, spun away, keeping his back hidden.

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.” She reached forward, trying to grab the thing Carl was hiding but only grabbed his Power Rangers backpack.

“No I’m not!” Carl ducked out of the way but Kelsie had gripped his bag and held tight. It slipped off his back and swung lazily and her open palm

“Then what’s in  your bag?” She unzipped it and pulled out a large box containing a funky looking pair of sunglases. Written in fancy print on the top of the box was Twin Wolfs.“Humm, wolfs is spelt wrong, it’s wol-ves.” She noted absentmindedly turning the box over in her hands to examine it. 

"Ah! Give it back!" Carl lunged for the box but Kelsie merely spun away and trotted down the footpath towards home. 

“Come on fuzzbutt," She called over her shoulder, "dinner is gonna be ready soon isn't it? Thats why you called first off." Carl sprinted after her begging to hold the box for fear that Kelsie would drop it. She laughed and assured him, patting his fluffy brown hair that it was in safe hand then proceeded to fake a trip and almost toss the box off on to the busy road. Carl screeched grabbing Kelsie by the waist pulling her away from the road. 

Kelsie roared with laughter and danced all the way back to their dorm dodging Carls futile attempt to scold her.


Kelsie flopped down on her bed stretching her stuffed belly and yawned. Carl followed in shortly after having bathed for the night. Kelsie raised her self up on her elbows and nodded her head towards the box sitting on top of Carl's desk. His desk was right next to hers and a whole lot cleaner too, with both beds either side of them on opposite sides of the room.

“Okay Carl, lets get down to business. Twin Wolfs, what’s the get up?” Carl sat on the floor opposite to Kelsie and placed the Twin Wolfs box on the floor between them. Keslie bent down and picking it up examined it. The device within was large and rounded, like a skiing mask but you wouldn't be able to see out of it. It was tinted black with a white streak through the middle which she guessed would light up once the device was on. Nothing else of interest was on the front so Kelsie flipped it over to read the back.

It read, ‘For ages 10 and above.’ Kelsie eyed Carl; he’d just had his 10th birthday last week. She skimmed over all the boring legal stuff like batteries not included, though she doubted they'd be as old school to have such ancient things as batteries. She scrolled through the info on the back with her index finger looking for more interesting stuff, zooming in to images and soundless videos of people with fake smiles and big thumbs up's. 

As much as she'd figured you had to wear the glasses, called Skydroms as Carl corrected her, to play the game. Kinda like the old Oculus Rift that came out a few centuries back. It was just the same old VR with waves that tapped into your brain sending the commands to your character in the game; nothing new. 

One of the videos had subtitles: 

‘Once you wear Skydroms you'll be put into a state of unconsciousness to give the best gaming experience. The game will proceed as you see. To logout all you have to do is open the drop down menu and logout or get woken from the other side.’

Kelsie nodded her head in approval, "Not bad, not bad." she placed the box down and raised her eyebrows at her brother, “And how did you get this?”

Carl looked down at his toes, “I bought it with my savings.” Kelsie scanned the box for the price tag and found it, 150 Sshioes. That was almost all of Carl’s savings. Kelsie sighed and patted Carl on the shoulder. “I’ll pay half.” He grinned and stood up to hug her but she raised her hand in front.

"Only if you finish all your homework this week and," She gave a sly smile, "I get to play the game too."

Carl laughed, "Only if you help me with my homework."

"Deal." They shook hands both contented in the fair result.

"Now off. Off you bed."Kelsie shooed Carl to his side of the room. Pulling the blankets back, he slipped in and lay back on his pillow. Kelsie tucked him in and ruffled his damp hair, "Goodnight fuzzbutt."

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