Twisted Love

Violet's parents died a year ago, leaving her the huge family mansion. She doesn't want to stay alone in the place, so she put an add in the paper. A boy answers her prayers for company, but will they just be room mates, or something more?


2. X Amount of Words

I looked up at the ceiling and closed the fridge. Getting take out was looking more and more like a good idea. I leaned on the counter and sighed.

"Something wrong?" A voice asked.

I looked up to see Ash standing in the doorway. "No, just looking for something to make for dinner."

"You know, I'm not actually that hungry." He said, trying to ease the tension clearly growing in the room.

"Well... Theres a whole bunch of snacks and things in the pantry, and I think there might be some lettuce in the... The crisper..." I said softly. I looked into his eyes for a split second and headed for the doorway toward the living room. I stopped before leaving. "The living room is open if you would like to watch tv or something. I'll have a tv put into your room soon, but if you would like, its yours to use."

"Thanks." He said, noticing my desire to really just go hide in my room from embarrassment. He gave me a smile and I smiled back, instinctively. I left the kitchen and went up the stairs to my room at the end of the hall opposite the one his is on.

"I never want to have to do that again." I whispered to myself.

     I closed the door to my room and walked over to my bed where I collapsed, my head to one side so I could breathe. I could feel the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach the more I thought about Ash. The way he smiled... The fact that im living with him. Oh my god. He's living in my house. Oh my god. Oh. My. God.

     A knock at my bedroom door snapped me out of my little episode and I quickly rushed over to answer it. Ash was standing there, looking at me, while he held a tray of tea in his hands.

"I figured you could use a little something to relax and I found some tea in one of the cupboards." He said, that smile from before coming back. I always did love tea...

"Um... Thank you." I said, a little joy emerging in my voice. He came in and set the tray on the end of my bed and looked around.

     Of course there wasn't much to look at besides dark gray walls and a few posters and paintings I had created a while ago. He looked... Fascinated by one in particular. A wilting rose in a clear dome tomb, one that resembled the one from Disney's Beauty and The Beast. Though, mine had less of a freaky weird glow to it and more of a grim shadow lingering just outside of its prison. He walked over to it to get a closer look and turned to me, blue grey eyes curious.

"Did you... Did you paint this?" He asked.

I blushed and simply nodded. "Yes."

A/N The chapters will get longer, promise.

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