Worlds Collide

Jess is a bullied, suicidal emo girl. Perry is the captain of the swim team and the most popular guy in school. They live in two completely separate worlds. But what will happen when those two worlds collide?


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Perry's PoV:

I sip my coffee and stare off into space as Gabby rambles on and on about this up coming party. "It's totally going to be amazing! Missy is hosting it and you know how her parents own that mansion. Plus they won't be home, they're going out of town! That means we have the run of the place! And the house has a pool and a mini bar and- Baby! Are you listening to me?" I focus on her and smile. "Sorry babe. I'm listening." She pouts. "You never listen to me. You never pay attention to me." I roll my eyes inwardly. "Yes I do baby. You mean the world to me." Even as the words come out of my mouth I gag inside. Sickly sweet words are not my thing. Gabby smirks and leans across the table. "Well if I mean so much to you, maybe we could leave.... Go have a little fun..." She tugs on her already too low too right shirt. Wow. Cleavage. I blush slightly and glance up. She frowns. "What's wrong darling? Don't like what you see?" I cough and look down. "N-no it's not that Gabby." She scowls. "Were you thinking about that bitch, Jess?" She stands up, drink in hand. "You're the worst! We're over!" She dumps the coffee over my head and storms out. I shake my head, pulling off my navy blue beanie and running a hand through my coffee soaked hair. "Dammit." I get up and go grab some paper napkins and clean up the table with everyone staring at me. I had better go home and shower. But I really want to see Jess. Just to make sure Gabby doesn't try anything. Sighing, I turn towards the door. To school and then home. Just for a minute.

Marc's PoV:

I stretch, and lay my hands on the table. This class is so damn boring. All we do is read. I glance around. Everyone is fucking reading like an angel. God damn. The clock says 11:23. Two more minutes and I'm out. I am so out. I'll cut class for the rest of today. I don't even- The door opens and everyone looks up. Perry Sanchez, the captain of the swim team, is standing there. I scowl. "What's that fag doing here?" I growl. Perry and I don't have a good history. "Can I help you, Mr. Sanchez?" Asks Mr. Donovan. "Um, yeah. I'm looking for Jess Callaghan? I think she's in this class." I look over at Jess. Holy shit. She's blushing. What the fuck. She only blushes when she's embarrassed or around someone she likes. She used to blush around me all of the time. "Do you know him?" I ask. She nods. "He carried me to the nurses office this morning after Gabby and her crones beat me to death. He also saved me from having a broken nose." She smiles shyly, straightening her beanie. She can't POSSIBLY have a crush on this guy, can she?!?? No way in hell. He's not her type. He's a fucking prep for crying out loud. "Ah, yes. Jessica is in this class. Jessica?" Mr. Weitz looks towards her. Perry smiles at her and she blushes and hides her face. "I need to speak with her for a minute if that's alright, Mr. Weitz." He says. I scowl. "That's not a problem. Just keep it down, alright?" Mr. Donovan says. Perry nods and starts walking towards us. Everyone is staring at him. Maybe because he is soaked in something. "Everyone back to reading now!" Mr. Donovan yells, straightening his checkered tie. I pick up my book and stare blankly at the page. I hear Perry pull up a chair next to her. Ohhhhh he'd better not try anything.

Jess's PoV:

Perry pulls up a chair beside me. He smells very strongly of coffee. I glance at him and look away, my face heating up. "Though I said not to talk to me anymore." I mumble, lowering my head. "You did. I didn't listen." He says. I hear him shift his weight on the chair and suddenly his mouth is right next to my ear. "You know, you really should stop hiding your pretty face." He whispers. I startle and look at him. He smiles. "W-what do you want, Perry?" I stutter, my face on fire. "Gabby broke up with me because she thought I was thinking about you instead of listening to her." He rolls his eyes and runs a hand through his hair. I notice that his light blue t-shirt is stained with coffee, and giggle despite myself. He nods, and sighs. "I wanted to make sure you were okay. I was worried that she would try to hurt you." I shake my head. Well that's fun. Another reason for her to hate me. I stretch and pull down my tank top. "Thanks for the warning. But it doesn't matter. She'd hurt me anyways." I glance at him. His eyes look troubled and angry. "Not if I have anything to say about it." I hear Marc scoff. "Don't worry, Sanchez. She has people to protect her. Like me." Perry glares at him. "Like you did this morning?" I look at Marc. Damn. He looks really pissed. He clenches his hand into a fist with one hand and with the other grabs his knee. "I've had to protect her from your little posse too, you know." Perry's eyes widen, and he looks at me. I shrug and look away. Marc smirks. "So see, she doesn't need you in her life." Perry rolls his eyes, and turns back to me. "Jess, do you have a piece of paper and a pen?" He asks shyly, smiling kindly. I nod, and hand him what he asked for. He scribbles something down, and hands it back. "That's my number. I want you to call me when you get home so I know you're okay." He flashes a smile that makes my heart melt, and stands up. "Bye, Jessy." He smirks and leaves. What the fuck..... Did he just call me Jessy.... Oh god. I shake my head and stuff the paper in my pocket, then put my head down on my desk. What have I gotten myself into this time.

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