Worlds Collide

Jess is a bullied, suicidal emo girl. Perry is the captain of the swim team and the most popular guy in school. They live in two completely separate worlds. But what will happen when those two worlds collide?


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Jess's PoV:

The bell rings, and I stand up, wincing slightly. Damn, those bitches really got me good this time. How am I going to explain this to Mom? Dammit. I hate those cheerleaders. I gather my stuff in my arms and head for the door. Maybe I can make it to my next class without running into anyone. "Jessica?" I hear Mrs. Muir say behind me. Groaning inwardly, I turn around and face her. "Yes, Mrs. Muir?" I ask politely. "Are you okay?" She asks. I nod. "Yes, ma'am. I am just fine." She sighs. "Alright, but if those girls give you any more trouble, you know you can come to me, right?" I smile weakly. "Thanks, Mrs. Muir. I'll keep that in mind. But I really have to go now. It was nice talking to you. See you tomorrow." She smiles and nods. "Of course. Don't let me keep you. Bye Jessica." I turn and walk out of the door into the crowded hallway.

Back at my locker, I dial the combination and open it. A piece of paper falls off the top shelf and lands near my shoe. I place my books neatly inside my locker and pick up the paper. It's a note. I unfold it and see it's from Marc. "Ugh. Nope. No way. Not right now." I say out loud, and shove the paper into my back pocket. "I'm not dealing with him right now." I grab my stuff for third period science with Mr. Donovan, and realize that Marc is in my third hour. "Fuuuuuuck...." I mutter. Dammit. And he sits right next to me too. Well just my luck. I slam my locker and head towards classroom 107. Maybe he'll skip today. I walk in and head to my desk. He's not here yet, so that's a good sign. I drop my books on my desk and slouch in my chair, covering my eyes with my black beanie. Hopefully he won't show up today. Please let today be the day he skips. Or at least let him arrive late so he gets sent to the office- Books slam down beside me and the chair scrapes against the stone tiles. "Fuck." I mutter again. Marc Daniels has shown up.

Marc's PoV:

I slide into my seat next to Jess's one minute before the bell rings again. Wow. For once I'm on time. I smirk and place my stuff on the desk. The smirk slides off my face, however, as I hear Jess mutter "Fuck" under her breath. I sigh, and glance over at her. She's slouched in her chair, her beanie concealing her eyes. "Hey... Jess...." I say, then stop. What do you say to the girl who's heart you just broke? I mean, I didn't intentionally do it, but still. She glances over at me, and her eyes are so cold. I look down sadly. "Jess, I'm so sorr-" "Save it Marc. I don't want to hear it. You have nothing to be sorry for." She sits up and stretches. "It doesn't matter so let it go." Her phone vibrates in her pocket, and she grabs it. I stare at her as her eyes widen. "What the fu-" She gasps, and starts texting furiously. "What's wrong?" I ask, leaning over and looking over her shoulder. She leans away, and I feel a flutter of hurt. She has never done that before. "Nothing. Just... Nothing. You'll find out later from Kayleigh. And if you don't, come find me and I'll tell you." She turns off her phone, and looks at me. "Alright?" She says. I nod slowly. "Okay..." I say. "Good." She smiles slightly, and slouches in her chair again. "Um, so Jess, about-" Mr. Donovan comes tearing into the room. "Sorry, I'm late class!" He gasps, out of breathe. Jess snickers, and I glance over at her again. She is amazing. Beautiful.... Strong.... Smart..... She really is something else. "Open your books to page 143 and start reading." Mr. Donovan says. "And Jessica, sit up for crying out loud!" She straightens up beside me and opens her book. "Sir yessir!" She yells, and the class laughs. I smile softly. Yup. Really.... Something else.

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