Worlds Collide

Jess is a bullied, suicidal emo girl. Perry is the captain of the swim team and the most popular guy in school. They live in two completely separate worlds. But what will happen when those two worlds collide?


5. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Jess's PoV:

I watch Perry walk away with Gabby. I see him glance back at me, and I look away. I look up at the clock, and see it's already 10:30. Shit! I'm late! I run to my locker, and grab my American History stuff out of my locker, along with my phone, headphones, planner, book, and pencil bag. "Jess!" I hear a voice call. Oh no, not now. I'm already late. I can't be more late. I slam my locker door, almost catching my fingers in it in the process, and run down the hall. "Jess, wait!" I hear the familiar voice call. Fuck, it's Marc. I run faster, right into Mrs. Muirs' room. I'd rather be chewed out for being late, then talk to him. "Jessica?" Mrs. Muir says, staring at me. The entire class is looking at me. Fuck. Maybe I should have taken my chances with Marc. I shift my weight uneasily, and adjust my beanie on my head. "Sorry, Mrs. Muir. I was- " She cut me off. "It's alright, Jessica. I know where you were. Please take your seat." "Yes ma'am." I mutter, and head to my seat in the back corner of the classroom. I set my stuff down on my desk and slouch down in my desk, praying people won't stare.

Marc's PoV:

"Dammit." I mutter under my breath. Jess just had to run away, didn't she. I guess she really doesn't want to talk to me. I run my hand through my shaggy brown hair and sigh. What do I do now? My phone goes off, screaming We Don't Belong by Black Veil Brides. I grab my phone out of my checkered backpack, and answer. "Hello?" "Hey Marc. Did you get a chance to talk to Jess yet?" It's my girlfriend, Kayleigh. "No, not yet. She ran away from me when I tried." I hear Kayleigh sigh. "I guess that's natural. She must feel betrayed. She really did have a crush on you, you know." I frown sadly, and stare at the ground. "I know." There is an awkward pause, and then Kayleigh says, "I have to go, Marc. I'll see you at the house tomorrow, ok? I'm spending the night at a friends house. I love you." "Sure, ok. Love you too. Bye." I hang up the phone, and stare at the entrance to Mrs. Muirs' room, before turning and heading down to the counselors' office. I'll see Jess next hour. She isn't one to skip a class, and she sits right next to me. I'll try to talk to her then. I really hope she'll listen to me.

Kayleigh's PoV:

I hang up after talking to Marc, and turn to Jacob. "I got rid of him." I say, smirking slightly. "He's so preoccupied with Jess that he doesn't care that I'm spending the night at a "friends" house. Which means," I trail my fingers through his short blonde hair, "We can have some fun." I smirk up at him. He grins, and smashes his lips onto mine, his tongue exploring my mouth. I smirk, and run my hands up his shirt, feeling his six pack. He pulls away, and says, "How bout we take this somewhere more... Private?" His green eyes bore into mine. I smile and say, "Of course." Why wouldn't I pass up the chance to fuck this hot guy? Sorry Marc, but I'm not sorry. We walk to the school parking lot, fingers intertwined. And I don't even feel guilty.

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