Worlds Collide

Jess is a bullied, suicidal emo girl. Perry is the captain of the swim team and the most popular guy in school. They live in two completely separate worlds. But what will happen when those two worlds collide?


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Jess's PoV:

When I open my eyes, I'm in a place I don't recognize. The ceiling is white, and there are blue curtains hanging around me. I slowly sit up, rubbing my eyes. "Where...." I say, looking around. My head aches, and I am having a hard time processing things. "How did I get here?" I stare at my feet. The last thing I remember was Rachel winding up to kick me.... I reach up to feel my nose. It doesn't hurt, and my nose isn't crooked. "Huh..." I say slowly. I hear footsteps heading towards me, and the curtain slides back. Perry Smith, the captain of the swim team and the most popular guy in school, is standing there. "Hey." He says, smiling. "You ok? You took quite a beating." I stare at him, not understanding. "Beating...." I say slowly. I look down at my arms, and see they're covered in bandages. Oh. Yeah. I was hurt in the fight. I look back up at him. "Why are you talking to me?" He laughs, and shows me his forearm. It's all blue and black. "What happened?" I ask, staring. "I kept Rachel from kicking you in the face, that's all." He says smiling. His teeth are really white. I shiver, the cold wind from the open window dragging me out of my thoughts. He notices, and walks over to the window and closes it. I look at him. "Why did you help me?" I ask quietly.

Perry's PoV:

"Why did you help me?" She asks quietly. I stare at her. She's really pretty, her long brown hair draped over her shoulders, her dark brown eyes downcast, even with all the bandages on her face. I shake my head. I can't be falling for her, I'm already dating Gabby. "It's normal to help people who need it." I say, smiling at her. She stares at me, as if what I just said was crazy. "No one who wants to keep their popularity would help me." She stands up, and grabs her beanie off the side table, and covers her hair with it. "Don't talk to me anymore." She says, glancing back at me. I say, "Wait! I don't even know your name!" She glances at me again. "Jess. Jess Parks." With those words, she leaves me alone in the nurses' office.

Gabby's PoV:

Perry is taking way too long in that nurses' office! What is he doing in there? I check my phone again. It's almost time for second period to start. We were going to ditch and go to Starbucks. I flip my long brown hair over my shoulder, and reach for the door handle, when it opens. "Perrrrrry," I pout. "You took too-" My sentence is cut short as I see that it wasn't Perry who opened the door, but that emo bitch, Jess. I smirk. "Oh, it's just you, bitch. Looks like you're gonna have some scars on your ugly face now." She doesn't react, she just stands there in the doorway. She really pisses me off. I grab her hoodie and slam her up against the wall. "Listen to me, bitch." I snarl. "I rule this school. I can make your life miserable. And I will-" I feel a hand on my shoulder, and turn to see Perry standing behind me. I smile. "Babe!" I exclaim, before I see his expression. He is angry. "Let her go." He snarls, yanking my hands off of her. I glare at him. "What the hell, Perry?" I scream. "You don't want to be expelled, do you, Babe? This bitch isn't worth it." He says, kissing my cheek and glaring at her. "C'mon, let's ditch and go to Starbucks." I say, smiling seducingly. "Maybe we can have some fun at my house afterwards." He nods. "Yeah." He wraps his arm around my waist. We walk away from that whore, and towards the side doors.

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